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Harper: maternal health does not include abortions under any circumstance…

Well, at least they have come clean on their 1950’s styled position!

Go team!

International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda said the government would consider funding family planning measures such as contraception, but not abortion under any circumstances.

“We’re saying that we’re using the definition in our discussions of family planning, which does not include abortion,” Oda told reporters on Monday in Halifax, where she was meeting with her G8 counterparts.

“We’re not debating abortion; we’re clarifying family planning.”

Thanks Bev for ignoring the reams of evidence that prove the connection between all possible choices regarding family planning and maternal health.

Liberal MP Bob Rae said the government has taken an ideological stand on the issue.

“They just reopened the abortion debate,” Rae told reporters outside the House of Commons. “We are saying to the countries that are the poorest: ‘We won’t apply the law that we have in Canada’.”

NDP MP Paul Dewar said the government has caused confusion with its lack of clarity ahead of the G8 meeting and that its position will cause problems with other G8 members at this summer’s summit in Ontario’s Muskoka region.

“It’s just unusual to see the ignorance of a government that claims to be a member of the G8,” Dewar said.


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  1. Ken says:

    I really should read the article in its entirety, instead of glossing it over …

    Sorry – moving on now…


    1. trashee says:

      Oh c’mon back Ken… Ya ol’ big galoot! Yer always welcome at Trashy’s World!

  2. It’s not about health care in Canada, it’s about health care we sponsor overseas.

  3. Ken says:

    XUP, my point is the federal government really has no say in the matter. They can bluster and try to impose whatever rules they want – but they have no say. It’s the provincial government that makes the rules because health care is the purview of the provinces.

    I, too, think they should be funded, to ensure that if women want to use that option, that it’s available and it’s done properly.

  4. XUP says:

    Ken – not financing abortions in these countries is akin to denying them that option. I’m sure when the women find ways other ways of attempting to terminate unwanted pregnancies or disposing of unwanted children, Canada will step in and help finance that?

  5. Ken says:

    It didn’t say they wouldn’t allow abortions; they just said it wouldn’t be financed by the government.

    In reality, it means little what the federal government does about financing any kind of medical issues. It’s the province’s decision, not the fed’s.

  6. Dave 1949 says:

    What a huge surprise. Harper’s concern for the health of women doesn’t extend to letting them do what they and their doctors decide is best for them.
    I thought he was a trained economist not a doctor but I suppose I’m wrong.
    No wait he is.
    However we are seeing more and more evidence that Stockwell Day was correct.
    It seems dinosaurs and humans do exist on earth at the same time.

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