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About rudeness

No, this is not about Harper, Baird or any of the ReformCon henchmen…

I was inspired to pen this post after reading the comments made on this entry written by Gordon over at The subject of the post is not as important (well, to me anyhow) as the comments in this case.

When we, as bloggers, scribble a post on whatever happens to be top of mind that day, we do it knowing full well that everyone with Internet access can read it, and not everyone will agree with your opinion.

I love this part of my blog thingy! I get into some great exchanages with a few intelligent folks and we banter back and forth on issues ranging from child care to whether the ReformCons are slimier than the Grits.

But one line is never crossed and that is the line of simple civility. There is no name-calling. No rudeness. No ad hominem attacks questioning someone’s character. If nothing else, my parents raised me to be polite when dealing with others and I am raising my kids the same way.

But some folks don’t agree with the idea that civility is a preferred approach in discourse.

Check out these statements made by a certain commenter (I won’t name him. You can go to the site yourself and see):

You’re the kind of individual that makes me ashamed to be human.

You won’t win any debating contests. Too narcissistic and closed-minded…

Wow, are you ever confused …

You just spew words like a babbling child … All navel-gazing grunt with no meaning.

Except for your critique of the appendix, which obviously wasn’t written by an idiot…

There’s more. But like I said, go and see it for yourself.

Me? I woulda banned this clown from commenting after receiving the first one. Such attacks are not welcome on my site nor would I ever expect one of my “regular” commenters to spew drivel like this.

What about you? If you have a blog, where is the line where you say : “enough”?


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  1. Jean-Paul Murray says:

    Time for your nap now, Squiddy…

    It’ll do you good.

    Now, watch the shadows as they dance…

  2. Jean-Paul Murray :
    I’m delighted you guys are finished your little psychological projection games where you revealed many of your personality disorders.
    I, for one, will continue walking the path of cold, hard, informed reason, with the occasional rhetorical/vitriolic flourish just to wake you from your dogmatic slumber.
    Delighted to have helped in your group/scream therapy.
    Time for your oracular nap now. Make sure to watch the dancing shadows on the wall as you nod off.

    The best you could come up with after all that time is a long-winded “I know you are but what am I” ? You disappoint me J-P.

    And just for future reference… you wouldn’t know cold, hard reason if it jumped up, waved a sign, and bit you on the arse.

  3. Jean-Paul Murray says:

    I’m delighted you guys are finished your little psychological projection games where you revealed many of your personality disorders.

    I, for one, will continue walking the path of cold, hard, informed reason, with the occasional rhetorical/vitriolic flourish just to wake you from your dogmatic slumber.

    Delighted to have helped in your group/scream therapy.

    Time for your oracular nap now. Make sure to watch the dancing shadows on the wall as you nod off.

  4. Ken says:

    Gordon, what was the name of the guy that used to hang around in the ott.* groups (maybe he still does, I haven’t read them in years)? Jean-Paul reminds me of him. Nonsensible rantings that have nothing to do with the discussion at hand.

  5. @Jean-Paul Murray

    Do you ever have anything to say? Your fascination with the navel-gazing of other men is… how can I put it delicately?… creepy.

    Speaking of delusions, did you hear the one about the guy who thinks everyone except him is a navel-gazing narcissist? Someone with such a vocabulary should be well aware about what it means when everyone is a narcissist except him. He even thinks that adding a literary quote to his questionably-sane ravings gives them weight or substance.

    But that’s OK. As long as I mention Gatineau Park Protection Committee, the search engines irrevocably tie the douchebaggery of Jean-Paul Murray to that organization for all time.

    If you haven’t figured it out yet JPM, let me spell it out for you in the smallest words I can:

    I have been gaming you. As soon as I saw your bizarre rant, I have worked to draw out your idiocy and expose it to the public. Every search engine that indexes these blogs will, thanks to your repeated mentioning of the GPPC, link your ravings to the GPPC. So, when people search on it, they’ll find you blathering on like a Speaker’s Corner screamer who’s off his meds.

    Every time you call someone a narcissist, every time you call someone a navel-gazer, every time you attack the man instead of the message, you’re making GPPC look like a group of morons for future searchers.

    Ordinarily, I’m not this nice: I’d happily let you wallow in your own shit. However, I’m beginning to get concerned that you are genuinely too stupid to know what is happening and I feel a small obligation to educate you.

    As Forrest Gump might have said, “Crazy is as crazy does.” Please, carry on… you have only yourself to blame.

  6. trashee says:

    @Jean-Paul Murray
    Bienvenue M. Murray!
    I was wondering when you would show up!
    Please take your time and wander around my little blog.
    And please continue to contribute quotes from Yeats; it lends some culture to my crude ramblings
    Though I have always found this particular end-of-the-world ditty to be a little depressing…

  7. Jean-Paul Murray says:

    Totally into navel gazing you folks are. The triumph of taking cave-wall shadows for reality.

    With such collective delusion and denial, it’s no wonder Gatineau Park is a mess.

    “The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.”

  8. Looks like he gave up, finally, over at Gordo’s blog… maybe his meds kicked in, or maybe the TimeCube guy felt the encroachment and got him.

    If you haven’t visited the timecube site in my other comment, do so. It is the benchmark for internet crazy. I tend to rate nutbags in units of milliTimeCubes. A warning about the TimeCube site though: if you’re prone to light and colour induced seizures, you may wish to avoid it. You could take the TimeCube text, though, and simply by replacing a few words with “narcissist”, “ego”, “bla-bla” and so forth, create a screed that looks just like JPM wrote it. JPM can create a professional-looking web site though, so he’s under 500 milliTimeCubes, I think.

  9. trashee says:

    And I see that he couldn’t leave well enough alone as he continues to fait le bla-bla…

  10. trashee says:

    Yeah, the guy has dug himself a serious hole into which he has dumped his credibility. And it IS funny to read.
    And the funniest thing is that this dude doesn’t. Get. It.
    I deleted one comment that accused Harper of being a Nazi. Now, I cannot stand the guy, but to compare him to a Nazi? Nahhh…

  11. gordon says:

    Evolving Squid :
    TimeCube crazy,

    Whoa… that is some serious crazy there.

  12. Oh, I did a bit of a search for the guy’s name relative to Gatineau. It seems that he has a LOT of free time on his hands and spends most of it being rude to the NCC. He’s not quite TimeCube crazy, but I’d say he’s on that path. I’d rate him about 350 milliTimeCubes now and increasing.

  13. I’m hoping I can really get him to flare up. He seems questionably stable.

    On my blog, I’m pretty lenient with the Rod of Deletion and the Staff of Ultimate Banning. I’ve never banned anyone. I have deleted a few comments though. In every case they’ve been little better than “Beavis and Butthead” quality – poorly spelled, poorly thought out, and generally not on the topic at hand.

    I wouldn’t have banned this guy. I wouldn’t have to. Other commenters would expose him and make him look stupid for the search engines to find forever more.

  14. XUP says:

    I wouldn’t delete a stupid comment made by a stupid person. I’ve never been offended by something like this. It hasn’t happened often, but when it does, I look at it as an opportunity to vent a bit. It’s like the playground kid and the bully. The kid can run away. The kid can be the bigger mensch and turn the other cheek. Or, the kid can fight back. Of course, we’ never advocate fighting back, but a good scrap sure can be fun sometimes. I’ve only once ever deleted a comment. I had written about someone local who had been in the news. That person (Person A) left a comment on my blog and then another person (Person B) who obviously had bone to pick with Person A and knew them well posted some very personal information about Person A. I didn’t think that was at all appropriate and wanted no part of it, so I deleted that comment and explained why

  15. Ken says:

    I had a few people like that during the OC strike. That’s what got me to moderating comments for a while as well. Also, the implied violence against drivers did it as well…

    Rudeness is something that we bloggers will have to accept when we post stuff. Plain stupidity, however, is something different… and that appears to be what’s going on with that commentor over at Gordon’s blog.

    I’d shut the guy down – he’s not adding anything to the discussion be acting like an ass.

  16. gordon says:

    Ad hominem attacks related to my entries about Kasper Holmberg made me codify the “Rules of My Sandbox”, which frankly pissed me off that I had to do that. In that situation, the comments were accusing me of being a racist and a bigot, neither of which I am, so I moderated those comments. My blog, my rules — don’t like them? Too bad — get your own blog.

    I tend to run my blog such that the first comment from an individual is put in a queue for me to approve. This helps cut down on the spam that makes it past the filters. Once I’ve approved your first comment, subsequent comments you post will be automatically posted. Occasionally, I will toggle things so that all comments require approval, but only when the discussion gets heated and previously approved commenters start to approach the line.

    However, in the case of what’s going on in response to my post that caused you to write this entry the behaviour of the individual in question hasn’t quite crossed the line, so I’m letting him continue to make a fool of himself. Besides being rather entertaining, it will serve as a warning to others who google the individual in question when trying to decide whether they should take him seriously.

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