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April 19th, 2010:

About rudeness

No, this is not about Harper, Baird or any of the ReformCon henchmen…

I was inspired to pen this post after reading the comments made on this entry written by Gordon over at The subject of the post is not as important (well, to me anyhow) as the comments in this case.

When we, as bloggers, scribble a post on whatever happens to be top of mind that day, we do it knowing full well that everyone with Internet access can read it, and not everyone will agree with your opinion.

I love this part of my blog thingy! I get into some great exchanages with a few intelligent folks and we banter back and forth on issues ranging from child care to whether the ReformCons are slimier than the Grits.

But one line is never crossed and that is the line of simple civility. There is no name-calling. No rudeness. No ad hominem attacks questioning someone’s character. If nothing else, my parents raised me to be polite when dealing with others and I am raising my kids the same way.

But some folks don’t agree with the idea that civility is a preferred approach in discourse.

Check out these statements made by a certain commenter (I won’t name him. You can go to the site yourself and see):

You’re the kind of individual that makes me ashamed to be human.

You won’t win any debating contests. Too narcissistic and closed-minded…

Wow, are you ever confused …

You just spew words like a babbling child … All navel-gazing grunt with no meaning.

Except for your critique of the appendix, which obviously wasn’t written by an idiot…

There’s more. But like I said, go and see it for yourself.

Me? I woulda banned this clown from commenting after receiving the first one. Such attacks are not welcome on my site nor would I ever expect one of my “regular” commenters to spew drivel like this.

What about you? If you have a blog, where is the line where you say : “enough”?