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Trashy in Vancouver, almost home

Stuck here in Vancouver for another coupla hours… looooooooooooong lay-over. I hate long lay-overs. The flight to Ottawa doesn’t leave the gate ’till 16:30 Pacific Time… sux. So close (yes, I think of Vancouver as being close) yet so far.

I slept for a few hours on the flight over and that’s a good thing. What is not a good thing is this bloody headache that won’t go away and this has been a signature characteristic of my return trips. Dunno why. I’m well hydrated, fed, yadda-yadda… might be the pressure diffs… who knows.

Rolling into home at about 1 am, EDT, I’ll try to be quiet, but the Resident Love Goddess will wake up briefly. Try to show that she is happy to see me home, and then realise that she has to work in the morning before crawling happily back into bed.

On the last trip, I cuddled into bed with Subunit A. I wasn’t really tired, but wanted to be close to my kids… and since Subunit O is in a toddler bed, bunking with him was not an option. Maybe I’ll do the same tonight.

That’s the hardest thing about these extended biz trips; I miss my loved one lots.  Between dealing with the time and culture change and the hectic nature of our skeds in Beijing, I can pretty much put the loneliness to the back of my mind. But when I get this close to home, I really just want to have the trip over and done with and hug everyone that is dear to me.

Soon. Very soon.

In the meantime, here is what I’m looking at.


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  1. XUP says:

    The headaches are classic symptoms of jet-lag. And jet-lag is caused by the change in time zones. That’s why jet lag really only happens on east-west or west-east trips. You can drink lots of water and sleep on the way, but somehow your body will still be freaked out by the not eating and sleeping along its normal schedule and the daylight and night at unusual times. Like I mentioned before the only thing that will possibly help is a regime of the homeopathic jet-lag tablets starting a day or two before you leave and continuing throughout the flight. Try them next time and see.

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