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Trashy goes to China.2, en route…

Sitting in the AC international departure lounge in Vancouver right now. Not a bad lounge, but the domestic location has more than one tap of beer. Nothing but Molson available here, so I’ll stick to some Clamato for now. Still another 1.5 hours till boarding, so what better way to kill time than to pen some blah-blah.

Real excited about the trip… yeah, this one… sure, sure… but the one that immediately follows Beijing in yankin’ my chain a helluva lot more!

Juts got off Skype with the Resident Love Goddess and she was just finishing up the booking for our trip to the DR on easter weekend! Woo-hoo! Burn away that jet lag with beach, sun and cervesa!

Both of these trips will serve me well to distract me from my disappointment with the whole Canuck mindset these days. Did you see the EKOS poll the other day? The one that shows the ReformCons pulling open a wee bit of a gap over the Grits… a gap that is just outside the margin of error, but a gap nonetheless.

What are Canadians thinking????

Here we have a government that has made themselves out to be fools in the following ways over the past little while:

  • said they would – for whatever reason – change the words to the anthem. Then decided not to after their supporters screamed and ranted.
  • had two of their Ministers freak out at airport/airline employees… yeah, flying can be frustrating and folks lose their patience sometimes, but for crying out loud! You are supposed to serve as examples for the rest of us!
  • took a cue from their christian conservative base (read: Alberta) and at first excluded family planning from their strategy to ameliorate maternal health in LDCs.

ON WEDNESDAY, Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon told a Commons committee that his government’s initiative for maternal and child health care in the developing world “does not deal in any way, shape or form with family planning. Indeed, the purpose of this is to save lives.”

  • And then, they flip-flopped – in a most hilarious way…

On Thursday, Cannon was sent onto CTV and CBC TV to eat his words. It turns out that he thought — apparently for real — that family planning was code for abortion, and didn’t include contraception.

“I take full responsibility for what I said, but our policy, our government policy, I’m not saying I was misquoted,” he said to Tom Clark on CTV. “I was quoted perfectly. But I did make a mistake. This has nothing to do with abortion. But it does not exclude any other options, such as contraception.”

Cannon, who does not always seem to be the most articulate foreign minister that a country could have, had apparently sown confusion in error.

“I said those words but that is not what the policy is,” he explained. “It wasn’t what should have been said.”


So, I don’t get it… who out there would actually vote for these yahoos????

Oh yeah, and check this out:


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  1. >>What are Canadians thinking????

    That Iggy is an indecisive waffle. You might not like Harper, but he does make decisions and run with them. At some level most Canadians respect that.

    Iggy could have voted down the deficit spending initiatives (which, by the way, were all but demanded by Canadians). Iggy kept silent. Why? Because the Libs love to spend to, and he’s glad it wasn’t Liberals on the hook for it.

    Iggy could have re-raised all the issues that were on the table before parliament was prorogued, but he didn’t.

    If what Harper is doing is so bad, where’s the opposition? Why aren’t they bringing down the government? Those are the questions that should be asked.

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