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As I get older, there are these things I am becoming really bitchy about…

As I approach the down side of my 40’s, I find that many of my attitudes toward certain things are becoming more resolute. It used to be that that I would shrug off most things that annoyed me or ran counter to my way of thinking with a “whatever”. I still consider myself to be fairly flexible and open to different points of view. But, more and more I am finding myself getting more pissed off than usual about some things.

  • My political and social views have become very well established. I have belonged to all three of the major federal parties – yes, even the PC’s briefly back in the early 1980’s…they were so different from the ReformCons. They would actually listen to an opposing view, debate it and agree to disagree. Unlike the Harperites, who just shout at those who disagree with their version of things. And launch attack ads. They are very American that way. But in the past ten years or so, I have found myself less and less patient with those that tend to the right, politically or socially. I still hold onto enough civility to try to debate those who counter my arguments, but my patience grows thinner a helluva lot quicker.
  • I also have less patience with zealots on the left. One of the reasons I left the NDP was the “all or nothing” attitude. To be truly accepted into the party, it wasn’t only required that you buy into the political beliefs of the Left, but ALL of the social ones as well.
  • Here in Canada, it’s ZED, not ZEE!!! If you want to say zee, move to the U.S., dammit!!!
  • Speaking of Americanizations, it’s a hockey sweater, not a jersey. Baseball has jerseys as does football (both types). But with hockey, it’s a sweater. And that place you use to change into and out of your hockey gear, it’s a dressing room, NOT a locker room!
  • Have your damn pass or tickets ready for the driver before boarding the bus and do NOT waste my precious time rifling through your bag or pockets!
  • Big companies who send me their bills via the post office. Do NOT stuff them with all kinds of stuff that I am not remotely interested in! I have gone to electronic billing for many of my accounts but this option is not available everywhere. Make them available!!
  • Seniors! Why must you take so long paying for everything? Do you think that because you suffered through the Depression, WW II or the Cuban Missile Crisis that you have the inherent right to take 5 minutes of my life away while you count out ever last fricking penny???? Learn how to use a debit card!!!
  • Why have all of the mainstream media news outlets fired their proofreaders? Attention to detail is an important part of my job and it used to be something I could count on in the better news outlets. But no!! Even the venerable Globe and Mail, which I could count on being precise to a fault is getting lazy and letting spelling and grammatical checks fall by the wayside.
  • Religion! I am becoming more and more firmly of the opinion that this is a root cause of all that is hurtful and evil in the world! Not your garden-variety believer, mind you, but those fire and brimstone, we’re ll going to hell, if you ain’t with us, yer against us type. Evangelicals and fundamentalists of ANY religion fall into this net.


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  1. John Shipley says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more! I am finding that as I get older the things you mention above bother me more and more. I hear you on the Political Parties (voted Bob Rae in Ontario way back and then voted Brian Mulroney! I was young…) Must be the American influence but in the past few years the intolerance of the right in the U.S. has really bugged me and now I see it in the PC’s here.
    And to the last point, religion is evil as it pertains to intolerance, racism, bigotry and power. Churches are fine as family gathering, socializing and doing good in your community but don’t condemn me for not being like you! I don’t condemn you, I tolerate you.

  2. trashee says:

    XUP – if you were any more mellow, they’d name a type of tea after you! Bonnes vacances!
    Squid-dude – you are scaring me.

  3. XUP says:

    Gee, what a grouch! I find I’m actually getting a lot more “whatever” as I get older. I used to be very black and white in my opinions and impatient and pissed off about stuff. As the years go by I just don’t care very much any more. I know that’s hard to believe since I’m pretty impatient and pissed off about stuff all the time, but believe me, I’ve mellowed.

  4. secretly, as a younger lad, I campaigned for the NDP candidate. And in Ontario, no less, not out in whackoland (BC). I’ve never liked the Libs though. I’ve always found them stereotypically “politicians” in an icky sort of way that the Conservatives seldom are. I think it’s how they try to cover it up while the Cons are more in-your-face with their graft.

  5. I once got so fed up with an old lady paying for $22-ish worth of groceries at the local grocer that I told the cashier to just add her bill to mine and asked the lady to just go.

    I had to. I was going to go in-fucking-sane watching her count out $22 in small change. Peopel around me said how nice I was. I had to explain “no, I’m being an ass but it was the right thing to do.”

    Give or take, I can’t say I disagree or find fault with anything here 🙂 I feel essentially the same way.

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