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March 10th, 2010:

ReformCons – climate change deniers extraordinaire

The old adage, actions speak louder than words has never been more applicable than to the news that the CPC is shutting down the climate change research station off Ellesmere Island.

It is common knowledge that the Harperites and their core supporters (read: he oil and gas industry, Sarah Palin) do not accept the science that – to any intelligent individual – points to overwhelming evidence that the planet is warming up and that human activities have and are contributing to this.

It’s quite clear we have a government that says they believe this is an issue but really don’t care about it.  Andrew Weaver, climatologist at the University of Victoria

But the minority government had yet to do anything to show this view. Yes, lots of inaction but not a lot of action. This withdrawal of research funding tells me three things:

1) Any hope that the Cons would change their position on climate change is as dead as the Leafs’ playoff hopes.
2) We should expect more of this type of the decision in the future.
3) The Cons much vaunted ballyhooing about being a solid supporter of the scientific community is a bunch of crap.

To Iggy and Jack : please merge your parties, force an election and kick these cowboys all the way back to Calgary!!!