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Boy – I DO like Alberta and all that, but….

I think Calgary is likely the only place in Canada where a dimwit like Sarah Palin could receive 2 – count ’em TWO – standing ovations for spewing meaningless drivel.

NOT ONLY THAT, but she received this distinction by:

  • Dissing our health care system…

Although a vocal opponent of health care reform in the U.S., Palin revealed that when growing up near Whitehorse, her family would cross the border into Canada to receive health care.

  • Calling man-made global warming research “snake oil science

She drew applause from the crowd when she said those who advocate sound science, not “snake-oil science” in discussions about climate change will win the debate. “What’s going on right now is vindication for us that we’re dealing with sound science, not politics,” she said. “People’s eyes and ears are open.”

  • Quoting Ronald Reagan
  • Calling on Canadians to drill wherever and as much as they can
  • Blabbering on about gun “rights”

Seriously, if she had the gall to be booked for a gig in T.O., Vancouver or Montreal, I’m pretty sure the reception wouldn’t have been as friendly.

If the Americans ever elect this buffoon into a position of power – like President – I am moving very, very, very far away!


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