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Jason Kenney and the new study guide for immigrants

Jason Kenney, who has fervently opposed same-sex marriage when it was debated in Parliament (I remember this clearly) has personally nixed the idea of having a text box in the study guide that includes a bullet on ‘equality rights’ under list of rights. His departmental officials had noted earlier that this bullet should be reinserted into the list as a means of noting the equality of all based on race, gender, sexual orientation etc.

He spoke against the Civil Marriage Act, or Bill C-38, when it was debated in the Commons in February 2005. And days earlier, Kenney told a session with Toronto-area Punjabi journalists that gays had every right to marry — as long as it wasn’t someone of the same sex.

The huge problem I have with this interference is that the government of the day has a duty to promote and support the laws of the land – even if they personally do not agree with them. ESPECIALLY in this case where new immigrants are being educated about Canadian values.

Equal rights regardless of sexual orientation is one of these values.

Such decisions should not have been placed in the hands of the Minister and should have remained the decision of his unbiased staff in CIC – decisions to be made on the basis of sound policy principles and strategic and operational considerations.

Mr. Kenney should resign.

I wonder what his colleague John Baird had to say about this.


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