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Olympic hangover

So Sid the Kid ends what were a spectacular couple of weeks for Canadian athletes.

Go figger. You couldn’t have scripted it better.

I mean, with the tragic death of the Georgian luger, the crappy weather and a lack of hardware for the Canadian athletes, all made for a bad beginning to the two week long spectacle.  Who woulda thunk that we’d be talking about a record gold medal haul – including the all-important golds for the two hockey teams!

The poignacy of Joannie Rochette.

Jon Montgomery swigging from a pitcher.

The Canadian women on the ice, passing around cigars and drinking beer from the can. Hey, this is what Canadian women do! So shaddup all ya wussies who thought that this was objectionable!

The looks on the faces of the two women bobsled teams as they finished with gold and silver.

The mob scene after Crosby’s goal.

Even the closing ceremonies, which I usually find boring and predictable, were entertaining and damned funny!

Flying moose! Giant beavers and Mounties! Huge table hockey players! And all being towed around by lumberjacks!

At least I HOPE they were being self-deprecating…

Add in Neil, Alanis, Avril, William Shatner and Michael. J. Fox,  and (sigh) Nickleback and you have just about every Canuck stereotype out there! There was even poor John Furlong murdering the French language.

We are a quirky, self-conscious and reserved nation, we are. We have a rep of settling for mediocrity, exalting in our inferiority complex and creating problems for ourselves where we need not.

And while I still disagree with how the Games are funded, how they are run and who is invited to participate, I think that this morning – if only for a while – I am like all other Canadians in heartily congratulating our athletes. And I too, like all other Canucks, am walking around with a bit of a swagger in my step this morning. A swagger that says:

“Don’t mess with us, cuz we Canadians aren’t taking a second seat to anyone!”


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  1. Ken says:

    My only question is: With all the lip-syncing done by all the singers, why couldn’t they have lip-synced Neil Young as well? His voice grates on my nerves…

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