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Holy shit! It’s as cold as Harper’s soul here!

Yah, I know that this Tim Horton’s ad that has been airing recently has caused many a teary eye to be exposed, but really… what is that poor woman thinking…

She comes from a place where ice is found in drinks and snow is something they see only on TV when reception isn’t so great. And the hubby hands her a coffee and says “welcome to Canada” then leads the family out into a typical November day – snow, cold, wind and misery – and says:

Welcome home!

Sheee-it! If I was that chick, I’d be all “WTF were you thinking! We had a choice between Australia and HERE. And you chose HERE???? You’re one f***in’ sadistic SOB and I’m not looking at you or talking to you until you get me outta this hell hole!”

Or something like that.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Land of the Ice and Snow… but man, if I was from a tropic clime…


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  1. MoS says:

    The old “Harper has a soul” lie again!

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