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“Our strong leader”?

Ya gotta be kidding me.

The ReformCons are following what many other authoritarian regimes have done in the past – use sport to whip up patriotism and take credit for the athlete’s successes.

But then, what else are we to expect?

But “Our strong leader”? Has Ms. Greene signed on not only as the Olympic ambassador but as a Harperite minion as well?

Ms. Greene Raine compares the athletes to “our strong leader,” Mr. Harper, who is in a competition of his own: “With our strong leader Canada will continue to compete with the world’s best,” she says. And Mr. Duffy, who also refers to his colleague as “my Olympic champion,” goes on to say, “We Conservatives are champions in our own right.”



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  1. trashee says:

    Naw. Even I can’t compare Harpy to Hitler. But I could compare the PMO’s communications strategy to Goebbels in Nazi Germany and Pravda in the Soviet Union…

  2. Brian says:

    We have a little ways to go before but the fascist spirit is peaking through

  3. thwap says:

    they’re “champions” at turning everything they touch into crap. They’re “champions” at failure.

  4. Brian Busby says:

    Senator Greene tells us that “with the proper training and preparation all Canadians can achieve their goals”. Not education, but training… but then polls indicate that the higher the level of education the less likely one is to vote Conservative.

    Odd that the former Mars Bar pitch queen looks and sounds so awkward. Not enough training and preparation, I imagine.

  5. This has to tie into Bob Plamondon’s commentary in the Globe and Mail: Harper may be iron-fisted. And so what if he is?

    The Conservatives are trying to counter-act the accusations that Harper behaves like a dictator. They’re just saying that he is strong.

    I will personally state that Harper behaves more like a bossy autocrat than a leader. Bosses don’t listen to other people; leaders do. Leaders interact with people; bosses order other people around and then run away when things get difficult.

    Here is part of a comment from “Not the Alliance” at 2/19/2010 4:16:26 PM:

    “Harper TRIES to rule with an iron fist, but the man is a coward at heart. He never confronts a problem. He whines, he points fingers and blames others, he unleashes his attack dogs while standing in the shadows, he hides. This is not the stuff of leadership, let alone “iron fisted” leadership.”

    “You almost have to feel sorry for a person like Harper. So damaged, so incapable of interacting at a human level, let alone leading. Unfortunately he is such an unlikeable character that it is difficult to have any sympathy. He creates his own problems.”

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