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February 19th, 2010:

For comic relief….

I have set up two posts on this site in the past 4 hours and both have been deleted… figgers.

Those ReformCons aren’t, uh, well, let’s call a spade a spade…. anywhere intelligent enough to engage in some semblance of a debate.

But if you want some comic relief – by all means, give ’em a look-see….


End of the week miscellany

I wonder if public sector job creation is part of this. Doubtful.

  • Why, upon boarding a bus, do many people fumble around in the pockets, bags or purses for cash fare, tickets or their pass – thereby delaying everyone else on the bus? Did they think that they wouldn’t need to pay or show their pass? Can’t they plan well enough in advance and have their fare ready to plop into the box? Are they surprised to suddenly be on a bus?
  • Staying with the transit theme… OC Transpo riders have maybe noticed the green, red and while pamphlets declaring that Transit security is everyone’s business!
  • Trust your eyes! While waiting at your bus stop or riding the bus, be alert. Watch for unusual situations, behaviour or packages, and report anything suspicious!

    If you see something, say something!

    If you see something… say something…

Have I missed something? Have there been some terrorist incidents on the City’s buses? Should I tackle the next guy I see carrying a red briefcase. Yeah, I know some of you are all for increased vigilance… but doesn’t this strike you as a bit paranoid?

  • Glad Gordon Lightfoot is not dead. Funny how that rumour spread like wildfire over Twitter before being picked up by the mainstream media.  Reports indicate that Mr. Lightfoot was quite happy about this as his tunes saw a level of airplay that they hadn’t seen in years. CHEZ 106 reported this morning that they had received an email from Anne Murray saying that she had indeed passed away as well.
  • Coyotes (silent “e”) or coyoteees – which is it?
  • The pointed hatted folks in Vatican City have declared that brother André from Montréal will become a saint. Well, good for him, darn it! But I gotta say that he looks a little fragile. I mean, even as the placekicker, I think he’ll have some problems. One hit and this dude is in a mess of pain! Has anyone told Drew Brees?

  • Last, but certainly not least, I’d like to wish my eldest subunit a happy 17th birthday this Sunday! Love ya honey!