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No big surprise

although the CBC has it wrong – the ReformCons have a slight lead because the gap is outside the margin of error.

Why no big surprise? Well, look at the calender, dummy! It’s the dead of winter! Folks down east are dealing with another dumping of the white stuff. Separatist Quebecois folks are all aghast at Lucien Bouchard’s latest remarks. Ontarians are worried that they’re going to get hit with a huge winter storm cuz it has been such a tame winter so far. And everyone to the west of Ontario is too busy skiing or watching the Olympics.

Wait till spring and then we’ll see if either party can take a step or two forward…

Remind me again why the Grits and the Dippers aren’t talking about merging???


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  1. What we most need is electoral reform, but since there are far too many people who seem uninterested in having something that approaches representative government, I doubt that will happen any time soon.

  2. trashee says:

    Ukraine, as well as some other places, have a “None of the Above” choice on the ballot.
    The problem would be what if NOTA won?

  3. So far, I haven’t seen a good reason why any of the “big 5” should be permitted to form a government. Unfortunately, voting “other” is like wiping your arse with the ballot in this country, and I can’t vote Bloc anyway.

    I wish “none of the above” could be an option, and if that wins, the parties have to put forward completely new slates of candidates.

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