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Be kind, y’all…

Did you know that this week is Kindness Week in Ottawa?

I didn’t either.

Over at, kindness is in the air! Hostilities have ceased! Flowers are blooming and hugs abound!
“Celebrating the kindness that exists and encouraging the kindness that can be.” that’s the motto.

There are even different levels of kindness. One can accept the challenge of a bronze, silver or gold level of kindness. Hmmmmm…. Sounds kinda Olympian… The kindness folks should watch out for the IOC police.

Call a family member or friend who you haven’t been in touch with lately to say a friendly hello.

Donate toiletries and other daily necessities like new socks and underwear to a family shelter.

Spend time with your loved ones this Family Day. Play boardames, (sic) volunteer in the community or attend the Family Day Skate with Yasir Naqvi, MPP Ottawa-Centre at Mutchmor Skating Rink from 1 to 4 p.m.


Um. Apparently the kindness club hasn’t heard of spellcheck…

Kindness is being touted everyone – but only now am I noticing. The signs in the bus ask “what do you choose to do?” and have the catchy text lingo banner “choose 2bk.” Wow. That’ll inspire the teens!

All kidding aside, I guess it isn’t a bad idea for the city to encourage it’s citizenry to be kind. What with the great service we receive from city-provided services like OC Transpo, for example, we should be kinder to those ever so pleasant drivers! And why not hug a Councillor today? Or give a flower to the by-law dude who just plunked a $50 ticket on your windshield because you were 5 minutes late getting out of the dentist!

Hell ya! Kindness for all!

But what if I don’t feel like being kind today? I am kind of grumpy. I didn’t sleep well last night. I have another one of those post-concussion headaches. And my right knee’s meniscus is acting up. What will happen if I’m not kind at all… maybe even UNKIND??

What if I tell the surly bus driver to get a life? What if I kick my Councillor square in the butt? What if I grab that by-law guy by the throat and….

No, no no. I won’t do that. The website implies that those things would be wrong.

After all, the man behind this intiative has lofty goals:

As spiritual leader of the congregation Machzikei Hadas and a well-known community leader around Ottawa, Rabbi Bulka is often approached to lend his name, wisdom and support to many community causes. On more than one occasion, he has been asked to participate in activities against anti-Semitism and other initiatives aimed at fighting injustice and intolerance.  “All very important causes,” the rabbi thought, “but I’d rather fight FOR something POSITIVE, than be AGAINST something NEGATIVE.”

So he set about meeting with other community leaders all around the city and across all sectors, engaging them in this common dialogue: what if we could make Ottawa a kinder community? Would we need to spend so much time on anti-bullying, anti-racism, issues of mistrust, and other nasty stuff?

So the theory is that by concentrating on the positive rather than the negative in a sense of building up kindness “capital”, then the bad stuff will go away. Nice idea, and I’m sure that the Crips or the Bloods will totally buy into it…

Yet, I’ll try to be kind. I really will…

But Harper or one of his robots is SURE to do something this week that will piss me off! And I will likely be a bit unkind in my remarks! Should I postpone my unkindness to sometime after the 19th?????

Must be kind. Must be kind. Must be kind.

So be kind Ottawa!



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  1. XUP says:

    Well…you told me to have a good day this morning. I reckon that fulfills your kindness requirements for the day.

  2. dave1949 says:

    How Unkind of you to point out the little spelling blooper. I’m incensed but it’s okay I’m not in Ottawa.

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