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Where oh where should the G-20 be held?

Why would anyone really think that the Reformatories would consult with the City of Toronto about where best to hold the G 20 Summit?

As reported in many places, like the G&M, the feds and the city don’t quite agree on the locale. Harper’s minions want to hold it right in the downtown core – causing a few days of massive disruption to the residents of the area as well as the businesses. While the City thinks it wiser to hold it outside the core at Exhibiton Place.

Oh wait, they DID consult with the bank towers folks, cuz, well, they are much more important than those morons who had the audacity to elect a Dipper as their MP.

What, you say? Politics couldn’t come into play with how the ReformCons operate here, could it? Naw. The Harperites would never put partisanship ahead of sound logistics!

But, if my sense of direction is correct, the Convention Centre is in Toronto Centre – which is Olivia Chow’s riding … but could be in Toronto Centre – Bob Rae’s riding. Maybe someone could help me out.

NOT that this political stuff would matter to the Harperroids….


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  1. Not that I’m against messing up Toronto – to be sure, there’s something to be said for making life miserable in Toronto as a sort of payback for the un-holiday we had today 🙂

    I’d rather mess with the anti-everything protesters, though – it would cost those groups a lot of money to go up North, they’d have less to destroy with their idiocy, and given how they like to deal with the RCMP, I’d love to see them handle the tribal police from one of the local bands. And if we’re trying to assert sovereignty over our Arctic, what better way than putting a pile of world leaders there.

    Besides, how many Al Qaeda sleeper cells might there be in Toronto?

    How many are likely in Yellowknife?

    I think the advantages of a more remote spot grossly outweigh the advantages of room service and annoying Torontonians.

  2. I will guess that if the G20 is to be held at the Metro Convention Centre, the police will cordon off an area from the Gardiner Expressway to the south, just east of Spadina to the west, Queen to the north and Yonge Street to the east. The St. Andrew (King St. W) subway station will become a cold war Berlin style ghost station where no one may get on or off the trains.

    Note: the boundary lines would be approximate.

  3. Ken says:

    Send ’em all back to Iqaluit. When I first heard about the G7 going there, I thought, WTF? I thought about it and realized that the decision to go there was brilliant.

    Do the same for the G20. Remind these people that there are other parts to the world than office buildings and room service.

  4. trashee says:

    I completely agree Squid-dude!
    An urban locale is the perfect recipe for all of the wacko anarchist and PETA types to hit the streets and smash windows…. leaving the serious and peaceful protesters in their wake.
    Sigh. Why don’t you and I and Ken just do a coup d’état thing and have it over with…

  5. Who’d want to show of Toronto to the G20 anyway? I’m sure the nations that are lower on the G20 pole will love the Jane/Finch area, maybe it should be held there.

    Seriously though, Harper is playing right in to the hands of the professional protesters that love to futz up these events with their bollocks. These summits should be held in places like Prince Albert, Cold Lake, and The Pas so the malcontents have to do some work to be worthy of the free media exposure they’re going to get. Even Whitehorse or Yellowknife would be a better call.

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