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February 15th, 2010:

Hey! It’s Flag Day and no one told me!

While I am not some galloping, flag-waving nationalist – I’m the old fashioned type of nationalist – I woulda thought that SOMEBODY would have pointed out that today is:

National Flag of Canada Day

Happy Birthday ya old red and white dude!

And while I’m getting all teary-eyed patriotic and stuff, check out the video that NBC did as an intro to the Vancouver Olympics as a tribute to Canuckland:

(But the Yanks are quite welcome to Celine Dion, thank-you very much)


Where oh where should the G-20 be held?

Why would anyone really think that the Reformatories would consult with the City of Toronto about where best to hold the G 20 Summit?

As reported in many places, like the G&M, the feds and the city don’t quite agree on the locale. Harper’s minions want to hold it right in the downtown core – causing a few days of massive disruption to the residents of the area as well as the businesses. While the City thinks it wiser to hold it outside the core at Exhibiton Place.

Oh wait, they DID consult with the bank towers folks, cuz, well, they are much more important than those morons who had the audacity to elect a Dipper as their MP.

What, you say? Politics couldn’t come into play with how the ReformCons operate here, could it? Naw. The Harperites would never put partisanship ahead of sound logistics!

But, if my sense of direction is correct, the Convention Centre is in Toronto Centre – which is Olivia Chow’s riding … but could be in Toronto Centre – Bob Rae’s riding. Maybe someone could help me out.

NOT that this political stuff would matter to the Harperroids….