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Waiting for spring…

Last Tuesday, Groundhogs around North America week poked their furry heads put of their holes in the ground and predicted another six weeks of winter. Only six weeks, you say my burrowing little friends? I’ll take it!

The six week span might work in the States where Punxatawny Phil has been in the predicting biz for some time. Different climate down there where it is perfectly reasonable to expect spring shoots to emerge from the ground on or around the Ides of March.

But here in the Land of the Ice and Snow – outside of the Lower Mainland of B.C., we Canucks are more likely to be digging out of one of our notorious March blizzards than planning our gardens. Our homegrown rodents, such as Wiarton Willie,  should really update their calenders and prediction parameters to better reflect the northern climatic realities rather than sticking with the American version.

So why am I going on about the lengths of our winters, groundhogs and such? Well, this is about the time of year where I, and I suspect many millions of my fellow, frozen citizens, begin to tire of cold, snow, slush, heavy coats, boots, dressing the kids up like insulated mummies, and the short daylight hours (those, at least are getting longer). Mid-February is that time when winter simply isn’t funny anymore and we begin to flip our calenders on our fridges ahead a few months to look longingly at the photos of summertime bliss.

We head south to beaches in he southern states, Mexico and the Caribbean. We make plans for summer as if it were just around the corner. Hell, while I’m writing this post on the bus on the way to work, I’m listening to Little Deuce Coupe on  my iPhone! We put up with winter and even like it for the first few months, but then, for most of us, it starts to get real old real fast.

The technical term for this is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD – *snicker*) and is a real condition that affects many thousands of us. The gist of it is that humans need sunlight to stay happy and when we don’t get enough of it, we get grumpy. Back in the day – those ol’ hunter/gatherer times – we didn’t spend as much time in our caves and tents and even in the midst of winter we ventured into the open a lot more often than their cube-dwelling descendants. Yes, more of them were eaten by wolves and drowsy giant bears, but they died happy.

Those in public office know to mind their p’s and q’s at this time of the year. The population is getting pretty grumpy and all pols of all stripes would be well-advised keep quiet for a change until spring springs or until we return from our winter getaways. Look at that whole Facebook Onion Ring thing! Seriously, do you think that this could have happened in the months between May and September? Unlikely. Folks are too busy enjoying the short non-winter season and have little time for crazy and viral Facebook groups. Yeah, The Ring would have still garnered more fans than Harpie, but how hard is that, really.

You see the general grey mood in the polls as well. Nanos released his latest one yesterday and it shows a virtual dead heat between the two leading parties. And it hasn’t moved much either way for either the Grits or the ReformCons. Canadians are saying – “Cripes, another poll? Sigh. OK, uh, the Liberals. Now get off my back and leave me to my suicide note.”

But cheer up, fellow Canuckians! The Pebble Beach PGA tourney starts this week. The days are getting longer. The Olympics will have come and gone soon. March break is only a little more than a month away! And with Mother Nature’s cooperation, I might be talking about the glories of Spring around, uh, 10-12 weeks from now.


Pass me that noose.


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  1. trashee says:

    Billings and Tunney’s… and gawd, DON’T mistake my iPhone for a mere Crackberry! Da noive…

  2. Since I’ve lived in Ottawa, I’ve always had a chuckle that if the groundhog sees his shadow there will be 6 more weeks of winter… in other words, an early spring. I guess if he doesn’t see his shadow, winter goes until July (like 2002, I think it was).

  3. XUP says:

    You wrote all this between Billings and Hurdman? On your blackberry? Now I’m IMpressed as well as DEpressed.

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