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6 years smoke-free, and weekly miscellany

Yup, it is six years to the day that I finally gave up tobacco for good.  I, like many smokers, had tried to quit several times before but had succumbed. But this time, with a ten year old and a newborn part of my life, I decided that this time, my addiction was NOT going to win!

And I pat myself on the back for succeeding. Yay me!


Random stuff that popped into my mind this week:

1) Why are there only about half the number of OC Transpo buses on a Friday morning than any other day of the week. It couldn’t be that drivers are calling in sick and the Corp. simply isn’t bothering to replace them? Naw… that can’t be it.

2) The days are getting noticeably longer – and that makes Trashy very, very happy.

3) Don’t you hate it when little kids get sick and they look at you with that “why aren’t you fixing this, Daddy?” look? Cuts ya to the soul, it does.

4) Earbud etiquette: when is it rude to stay plugged in? At a store? Out for a walk? Are there some social situations where you should absolutely fer sure unplug yourself? What about when you’re at the counter buying something from the corner store. The clerk doesn’t give a crap about you so why should you give a crap about him?

5) Concussion update: feeling much better. The headaches have subsided to a dull throb. And even though some (Dave) will think that I will be a total wussy by doing so, I’m buying a helmet.

6) I’m writing this while sitting on the 148 on the way to work. The WordPress app on my iPhone is pretty effective and I’m getting the hang of the keyboard. I expect more and more of my posts will be courtesy of George (my iPhone’s name).

7) One last thing – I’m still chuckling about the onion ring madness that has gripped the nation for the past few days (56,566 fans and rising!).  Seriously, if you want a good laugh, scroll few some of the hundreds (or thousands) of wall posts on the site. You’ll see stuff like this:


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  1. trashee says:

    Re: earbuds – I take one out and leave one in when I pay for something. I figger I’m showing that I care. No?
    Re: Jack – Harper prorogued Jack’s testosterone production.

  2. XUP says:

    Yes, congratulations on being 6 years tobacco-free. As for the earbud thing, I might want to do a whole post on them one day. I find them really annoying in pretty much every situation. Everyone at work is plugged in and when you want to talk to them you have to go tap them on the shoulder and then they jump and get pissed off with you for scaring them. People walking on sidewalks give you dirty looks when you pass them because they didn’t hear you coming and that’s somehow your fault. The other day I had to ask someone something at an outdoor event and by the time they got their hat off and their music turned down and their buds out I didn’t even feel like talking to them anymore. PS: When did Jack Layton grow boobs?

  3. trashee says:

    I did look for someone to elbow in the head but only my wife and two little ones were close by and that just didn’t right.
    There was the guy on the rink, but he had a stick and likely would whacked me upside the head and given me a second concussion!

  4. dave1949 says:

    First congrats on quitting the smoking, IT pays off over and over again and with any luck will keep doing so for decades.
    Now as for the wussiness. It isn’t about protective equipment it’s about giving in to the pain, disorientation etc once the injury is inflicted. Your correct actions would have been to jump up and immediately cross check the nearest body. Possibly inconvenient since it wasn’t actually a hockey game but we should all try to ingrain these habits so they emerge when we aren’t thinking at our best.
    As for helmets I recall many years ago “Saint Don Cherry” was ranting on as usual about not forcing the players to wear helmets or visors and some doctor came on and to paraphrase.
    Cherry never played with out a cup to protect his family jewels but thinks a helmet is sissy. Shows what he considers most important.
    Besides putting on the helmet might save your kids teeth incase their the closest body when you come to next time.

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