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All hail our Pungent Leader!

Earlier this morning, I posted a scribble about the Facebook movement to sign up more “fans” for an onion ring than Stephen Harper can claim – and it looks like the goal may be met by the end of the day. – 20,246 – the last time I refreshed the page.

And it is getting some attention in the mainstream media – albeit on a blog…


Harper vs. the onion ring

An odd new campaign began in the last 24 hours on Facebook.  The challenge: to pit an onion ring against Prime Minister Stephen Harper and see who gets more fans. As I write this, the onion ring is a good deal behind the Prime Minister — around 14,000 fans, compared to the nearly 30,000 fans of Harper.

And what is the end game of this contest? I have no idea. Perhaps the gold ring has something to do with the Olympics. Or not.

One comment on the site criticises this as “silliness reduces the seriousness of Facebook and can hurt their democracy campaign a tad.”

Huh? Of course it is silly! But I really don’t think it is hurting anyone! If Harper was smart, at his first photo op he should bring along a box of onion rings…


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  1. […] Like I said before, this is a great example of how quickly a message – however a bit silly – can move along the social media stream. […]

  2. trashee says:

    That was kinda my thinking. I mean, it can be useful and fun. And it can be informative and from time to time educational (in a way). But serious?

  3. “the seriousness of Facebook” ?? There’s an odd construction. Nobody with higher neural functions takes Facebook seriously do they?

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