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Could it be that Canadians are shedding their sloth-like apathy?

After today’s fairly successful protests across Canada, one could answer with a qualified “maybe”.

No, tens of thousands didn’t mobilize on the Hill. But most accounts put the crowd at 3,000 in Ottawa, 10,000 in T.O. and 25 K in total across the country. Not bad for the chattering classes, eh Tony?

Time will tell if these protests are indicative of an awaking of Canucks from our collective slumber and the beginnings of a movement to dethrone the Robot King.

Here’s hoping!


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  1. I agree with XUP here. Protests tend to be organized by professional protesters. These are corrupt people no better than the vilest scumbags they are protesting against. The people who show up are often professional sheep.

    There are only a few kinds of protest that really count from the government´s point of view:

    1. a high turnout with a clear message on election day
    2. armed revolt
    3. widespread, geographically diverse civil disobedience by hundreds of thousands of people.

    a few thousand yobbos on a bus screaming some lame chants only looks cute in the paper. Facebook protests may work on corporations that care about the press they get, but not a government.

  2. ramble says:

    ha, itz nice to see both sides of the coin of canadian opinion

    1. trashee says:

      Thanks! I think…

  3. XUP says:

    And, do you suppose Parliament will be back at work on Monday? The real test will be come voting time. Will people care enough to come out and vote? I’m pretty much opposed to all forms of angry mobness in our culture. Many of the people who attend these protests are not there because they care about the politics. Where was this same outrage when the Afghanistan torture stuff first hit the news? It’s been proven that protests (in this culture and era) and Facebook groups and other stuff like that does almost nothing to bring about change.

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