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Ex-Cosmo model unseats Democrats. No, really.

In a move that once again leads this scribbler to question the sanity of some of our neighbours to the south, Ted Kennedy’s old Senate seat in Massachusetts has gone red.

I watched some of the Democrat candidate’s gaffes last night on Jon Stewart and yeah, she was a real piece of work who seemingly couldn’t campaign her way out of a paper bag. But an outright defeat in a state where Obama crushed the GOP only 15 months ago? Cripes. Is the right wing-nut contingent really THAT effective in the U.S.?

An Ex-Centrefold?

Is the US of A learning lessons from the Italian democracy where they elect ex-porn stars as MPs??

Wow. She’s some scary….

In any case, the President had better start pulling some rabbits out of his hat or it will be one term and out!


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