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Oh, isn’t that WONDERFUL….

…Doris Day is the new TB Prez. Didn’t see THAT comin’!

Mark my words. If the ReformCons are still in power a year from now, Public Servants everywhere will spit at the mention of his name. Not that the Harperites – or most Canadians outside of the National Capital Region– give a flying crap about the PS.

My gut tells me though that this is not a pre-election Cabinet. Moving Rona to PWGSC is a big move up for her, but I would think that the brainless trust in the PMO would want her in a more visible spot if we were in pre-election mode… gotta court the soccer Moms, right?

I also don’t feel that Vic Toews (admittedly, one of the less incompetent of the Harperites) is the right pre-writ “fit” with NRCan. Though they can’t do much worse than Ms. Raitt.

So. To summarise. Same gang. Different titles.

Yawn. Wake me up when we have an election…


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  1. trashee says:

    Didn’t mean no disrespect, ma’am.
    But I did say “more visible” as opposed to “invisible”.
    If I were Harper, I would have moved her to Transport, Infrastructure and Communities – replacing Birdbrain Baird and slotted Baird into a portfolio like PWGSC.
    But Stevo never called for my opinion…

  2. XUP says:

    Hey, I resent the implication that PWGSC is invisible. They could come crashing and burning into everyone’s attention at any moment. They’ve done it before!

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