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Only in Canada! And hooray for that!

Gawd – I LOVE this crazy country so freakin’ MUCH sometimes!

Nowhere else in the world would the announcement of the members of a national sports team garner so much rapt attention. Say what you want about the dissection and analyses of the choices for the World Cup teams (you know, the tournament that Canada almost never makes it to…) but Canada’s national obsession can go toe-to-toe with any other nation – bar none!

Yes, today at noon is the announcement of the members of the Men’s Hockey Team that will take to the ice in a few short weeks and try to recapture the gold medal in the one sport where we – Canada – see sour supremacy as our birthright!

It will be euphoria for those whose names are called and crushing disappointment for those left off a team that will have the rare opportunity to battle for gold in its home country.

No country cares more about hockey than Canada, or has the sheer number of world-class players to choose from. Star players will be left out. Debates will rage over who should or shouldn’t have been picked.

As Martin Brodeur recently put it: ”It is the ultimate for hockey.”

Steve Yzerman – a legend in his own right – and his team have agonised over the decision for months. There are really only a couple of sure things: Sid the Kid will be on the list as will Martin Brodeur. As for the rest, who knows? Though I think all three goalkeepers are pretty much no-brainers.

Yzerman will have to balance skill with toughness and offense with defense…. all the while ensuring that he has the right mix of players to have a good chemistry on the bench.

For what it’s worth – here is my prediction.

Rick Nash
Sidney Crosby
Jarome Iginla
Dany Heatley
Joe Thornton
Patrick Marleau
Vincent Lecavalier
Mike Fisher
Ryan Getzlaf
Ryan Smyth
Mike Richards
Shane Doan

Chris Pronger
Scott Niedermeyer
Shea Weber
Mike Green
Drew Doughty
Duncan Keith
Jay Bouwmeester

Martin Brodeur
Marc-Andre Fleury
Roberto Luongo


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  1. trashee says:

    So I take that as a “no”?

  2. Ken says:

    Of the Olympics? No, not really. Hockey players from the NHL participating in what’s supposed to be an amateur event is just plain stupid. [Same thing goes for basketball players.]

    Our country’s apparent obsession over a bunch of overpaid children is ridiculous.

  3. trashee says:

    Not a fan, I presume?

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