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The upcoming year on the Hill…

A cold winter’s day here in the nation’s capital sees many hunkered down in their houses with the furnace cranked and an extra blanket or two. Not so for me as I’m writing this on my way to work on the 7 am-ish 148. Not many of us on the bus this morning. No big surprise there. But I’m going to take the opportunity to get some concentration-intensive work done. This time of the year is relatively disturbance-free and one can accomplish much.

But on the way, I’m starting to think about what I will be relfecting on this time next year with regard to the Fools on the Hill… hmmm…

  1. Harper will once again prorogue Parliament. This is getting to be old hat for the ol’ robotman and this seems to be as good a time as any… what with torture stuff still percolating and the endless risks of the Minions (MPs) speaking what they are thinking.
  2. Spring comes. The threat of H1N1 ends. The economy is picking up steam. The Leafs are on the way to the playoffs… what a great time for an election! Stevo introduces legislation that would make the wearing of red ties punishable under the Criminal Code.  He also expropriates all of the country’s main hockey arenas to be used as regional “War Rooms” in the upcoming election. He likes the photo op potentials. All of the Opposition Parties vote against the Bill and a vote is called for May 16.
  3. May 16. The ReformCons are re-elected. Again with a minority. None of the party’s popular vote changes by more than 0.7% compared to the last election.
  4. The knives come out and are pointed at Stevo.
  5. By mid-July, Stevo is out and little-known backbencher Candice Hoeppner. Being best known as the MP who introduced the Private Member’s Bill to cancel the Long-gun Registry, she decides to further capitalize on this fame by introducing another gun-related Bill – a Criminal Code Amendment making it an offensive to NOT carry a gun on one’s person at all times.
  6. Every urban area in Canada – including Calgary and Edmonton – threatens to secede.
  7. The Government is once again defeated in the House on a Grit-introduced Confidence Motion… making PM Hoeppner’s reign the shortest in Canada’s history!
  8. An election is called for December 29th.

So, this time next year, I predict that I will riding to work that day, and preparing to cast my second federal ballot of 2010. And thinking of moving to a place with a more stable democracy. Like Italy, for example.

Happy New Year everyone!


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  1. XUP says:

    Southern Italy is warm almost all the time and they have some excellent wine.

  2. Fat Arse says:

    re: “The Leafs are on the way to the playoffs…”

    I guess one can always dream! 🙂

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