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I am more than a little ashamed to be a Canuck…

While the rest of the planet is pleading countries like Canada to take a stand on GHG emissions, the Harperites are settling into their environmentally Neanderthal form.

Since I am somewhat lacking on the creative front at the present time, I quote a commenter on the site. What this dude is saying pretty much sums up how I and many Canadians, feel at the moment. Where is the paper bag?

For the first time in my life, I am embarrassed to be Canadian. I am embarrassed by my government and their flat-earth politics that cater to the oil industry.

And not just in terms of their backwardness regarding the pollution of our air and water. I am embarrassed at their policy of squandering our valuable oil reserves.

Other countries retain the ability to ensure that their reserves are extracted in a responsible manner that benefits the current and future citizens of their country. Our industry lapdogs sell it off to the highest investing foreign investor to extract as quickly as they wish. The foreign company gets the profits, we get one, maybe two, generations of wages.

I am embarrassed of what this country is becoming as our apathy permits the conservative lapdogs to sell out our reputation and non-renewable riches.

I tell my kids we live in the greatest country on earth. But, even at 7 years old, my son is already starting to question the flat-earth attitude. I guess the next thing to tell him is that, sometimes, the selfish greed of a few that don’t give a damn about future generations can rule the day.

Yeah. And how long can we put up with this?

I know Iggy et al haven’t been exactly inspiring, but can’t someone, ANYONE step up to the plate?




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  1. Ken says:

    I wouldn’t mind the taxation so much if we were getting value for money. We don’t. We’ve got a huge bloated government bureacracy – federal & provincial – in this country, the City of Ottawa couldn’t manage itself out of a paper bag, and we get politicians who are virtually throwing our money away on projects that do nothing to benefit us.

    When I start seeing value for money, then I’d be more than happy to be on side with you. Until then, we remain over-taxed and under-served. And if that’s the only thing these days we disagree on, we’ve come a long way 😉

  2. trashee says:

    Hmmmm… the political divide between the two of us prevents me from agreeing with your last 2 points, Ken… but as for the rest – yeah, I’m embarrassed about them too… and the fact that my team hasn’t won the Cup in a while… that bugs me too…

  3. Ken says:

    Nah, that’s not what makes it embarrasing to be Canadian.

    What’s embarrassing are kids being born in toilets and almost dying.
    What’s embarrassing is parents getting drunk and letting their kids freeze to death.
    What’s embarrassing is one of our major parties supporting pictures that suggesting killing our Prime Minister is okay.
    What’s embarrassing is having a federal party whose sold purpose is destroying this country.
    What’s embarrassing is bank executives getting paid obscene bonuses during a recession when thousands of people are being laid off.
    What’s embarrassing is we have one of the highest levels of taxation in the world.
    What’s embarrassing is politicians who think that wasting taxpayers’ money – our money – on useless health registries and other such programs is okay.

    That’s what’s embarrassing.

  4. bandobras says:

    Sure someone can step up, as soon as there is any sign that the citizens will actually vote for some principle instead of the slickest attack ads.
    Churchill once said the biggest problem with democracy is that you get the government you deserve.

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