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December 11th, 2009:

New dress code on the Hill…

So the Harperites and their taser-carry toadies, the RCMP, have decided that the appropriate response to the recent Greenpeace action on the Hill is to ban all those wearing Greenpeace t-shirts.

Heather Bradley, a spokeswoman for the Speaker’s office, said it is routine for guests to be obliged to remove attire that may “disrupt” proceedings.

“When someone is invited in as a member of the public in either the chamber or a committee, they’re invited in as an observer. That’s it,” she said.

OK. Fair enough. These are the ground rules. It is a little odd to respond to a massive security breach by banning a certain piece of clothing bearing a certain emblem, but whatever.  Even though I do not support Greenpeace, I do kinda like the t-shirt.

t- greenpeaceBut then I got to thinking about what other kinds of t shirts may be interpreted as “disruptive” in the minds of folks like Ms. Bradley. I mean, why stop at Greenpeace? There shurely must be scores of cotton-blend upper body wear with logos and pictures that may disrupt the minds and actions of scores of cotton-blend wearing Upper and Lower House members!

For example, this one would be sure to disrupt the thoughts of any Honourable Member who had a yen to deke out behind the Parliamentary Library for a quick spliff!

tshirt marleyOr what about this fine design that, while I personally think that peace is something worth celebrating, some members of the ReformCon caucus may find disruptive due to it’s somewhat anti-arms-industry message! Can’t piss off Boeing!

t-shirtpeaceAlong the same lines, all of those in the Reformatory caucus and some of the spineless wimps in the other parties may find this gem disruptive. After all, it would be wrong to demean the American organization that helped to begin the dismantling of the gun registry!

tshirt nraNeedless to say, this one would disrupt the sensibilities of any and all who are not members of Leaf Nation!

leafsLastly, can you image the extent to which proceedings would be disrupted by this baby! Mammals of all party stripes would barely be able to contain their anger! As well, rumour has it that the noble dinosaurs is being considered as the symbol of the ReformCon Party of Canada. Like the easily recognizable elephant and donkey to the Republican and the Democrats in the south, the dinosaur represents all that encompasses those of the Harperite Cult: outdated, lumbering and soon to be extinct!

tshirt - dinosaur