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December 4th, 2009:

I would rock at Risk right now – Trashy over Kamchatka, Part 1

On Air Bankrupt – um, Air Canada Flight 30 right now. Ok, so not exactly “right now” since I won’t be posting this until I find Wi-Fi at the Vancouver airport about 7 hours from now. But hey, who’s being so freakin’ temporally specific?

Nice flight. I haven’t pissed off any of the flight attendants. Yet. Fellow traveller did so on the flight over to China by just making an off-hand flippant remark about something. My bud – lets call him Helmut – told a matronly attendant to get him a drink PFQ and she took offense… but he was being funny g-dammit…

Which brings me to a question that I hope one of my regular readers (all 3 of them) can answer. Why is it that the hop flights (YOW to YYZ par exemple) merit the non-matronly attendants’ but the long haul flights all look like one of my grandmothers? Yah, yah, seniority. I get that. But still, can’t the 60ish staff give one shift once in a while to someone that is more than 5 years from retirement?

Just askin’.

So, yeah, udder dan dat, cool flight thus far. They ran outta beef for dinner so I had to have a chicken curry thing. which was OK but you’d think that after paying the economic output of a small African country for airfare that there’s at lest be a few munches of beef tenderloin hanging around in the galley.

Guess not.

But the wine, port and Grand Marnier partially makes up for it.

All for now. If all goes well, I’ll be posting this around 9 am EST and will scribble one more while waiting for the YOW connection in the Vancouver lounge.

Gawd. I miss the Resident Love Goddess and my subunits. Been too long.

I don’t care what time I roll back into Dawson, I’m giving all a big hug an kiss…