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More pics – Trashy in China, part 9

Some of you may remember a massive fire that happened here in Beijing a while back.


This is the result… look out Towering Inferno!


This building is just, well, funky – in a gi-normous kinda way…


Food is real important to the Chinese. Here is the spread at last night’s dinner – graciously hosted by our interpreters and their friends. We were whisked in a brand new Land Rover to the south end of the city to one of the world’s finest Peking Duck establishments .

That reminds me of a funny thing our Great Wall guide told us the other day. In China, in order to marry a good woman from a good family, one must have two sets of keys – one to a house and one for a car.


Our hosts also treated us to a tour of a mansion in the heart of the city. Beautiful.



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