Arghh! The robot is following me! Trashy in China, Part 10

Hey! What the hell is HE doing here????

Stevo is on the front page of the China Daily this morning – both on-line and the hard copy… The Harperites have apparently come to the conclusion that it is best not to piss off the world’s largest growing economy.


I don’t really expect anything surprising to come from this. There will be the usual shaking of hands, photo ops with top Chinese officials and the signing of a few trade deals. But the real significance will be in how the Chinese leadership interprets this trip. Is it mostly political posturing (You betcha! The ReformCons are targeting those Asian-rich 905 ridings in the GTA and the ethnically similar ridings in and around Vancouver) or is it a real attempt to mend some fences and move forward?

I wonder if I’ll get invited to have dinner with him tonight? I’ll have to decline though since a “hot pot” is on the agenda.


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