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December, 2009:

Great news to end the year with!

Rush Limbaugh is in the hospital after suffering chest pains!

Woo-hoo! The world would be far better off with fewer morons like Limbaugh!

In dishonour of this nincompoop, and in the hope that this is serious enough to take him off the air, uh, permanently, here are some quotes that exemplify his ignorance:

“Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream of society.”

“The only way to reduce the number of nuclear weapons is to use them.”

“The NAACP should have riot rehearsal. They should get a liquor store and practice robberies.”

“There are more acres of forestland in America today than when Columbus discovered the continent in 1492.”


A list of the Bills that will die as a result of Harper’s arrogance!

My fave ill-fated Bill is  C-58 – An Act respecting the mandatory reporting of Internet child pornography by persons who provide an Internet service Read 2nd time; referred to Committee.

One place where we need tighter controls is on this type of crap… and the Harperites let it die.


1) C-6 – An Act respecting the safety of consumer products Passed 3rd reading in the House of Commons
2) C-8 – An Act respecting family homes situated on First Nation reserves and matrimonial interests or rights in or to structures and lands situated on those reserves Debated at 2nd reading
3) C-13 – An Act to amend the Canada Grain Act, chapter 22 of the Statutes of Canada, 1998 and chapter 25 of the Statutes of Canada, 2004 Debated at 2nd reading
4) C-15 – An Act to amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and to make related and consequential amendments to other Acts Passed 3rd reading
5) C-19 – An Act to amend the Criminal Code (investigative hearing and recognizance with conditions) Debated at 2nd reading
6) C-20 – An Act respecting civil liability and compensation for damage in case of a nuclear incident Reported back from Committee with amendments
7) C-23 – An Act to implement the Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the Republic of Colombia, the Agreement on the Environment between Canada and the Republic of Colombia and the Agreement on Labour Cooperation between Canada and the Republic of Colombia Debated at 2nd reading
8) C-26 — An Act to amend the Criminal Code (auto theft and trafficking in property obtained by crime) Passed 3rd reading
9) C-27 — An Act to promote the efficiency and adaptability of the Canadian economy by regulating certain activities that discourage reliance on electronic means of carrying out commercial activities, and to amend the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Act, the Competition Act, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and the Telecommunications Act Passed 3rd reading
10) C-30 – An Act to amend the Parliament of Canada Act and to make consequential amendments to other Acts Debated at 2nd reading
11) C-31 – An Act to amend the Criminal Code, the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act and the Identification of Criminals Act and to make a consequential amendment to another Act Referred to Legislative Committee
12) C-34 – An Act to amend the Criminal Code and other Acts Reported back from Committee with amendments
13) C-35 – An Act to deter terrorism, and to amend the State Immunity Act Debated at 2nd reading
14) C-36 – An Act to amend the Criminal Code Passed 3rd reading
15) C-37 – An Act to amend the National Capital Act and other Acts Read 2nd time; referred to Committee
16) C-40 – An Act to amend the Canada Elections Act 1st reading
17) C-42 — An Act to amend the Criminal Code Read 2nd time; referred to Committee
18) C-43 — An Act to amend the Corrections and Conditional Release Act and the Criminal Code Read 2nd time; referred to Committee
19) C-44 — An Act to amend the Canada Post Corporation Act Debated at 2nd reading
20) C-45 — An Act to amend the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act 1st reading
21) C-46 — An Act to amend the Criminal Code, the Competition Act and the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Act Read 2nd time; referred to Committee
22) C-47 — An Act regulating telecommunications facilities to support investigations Read 2nd time; referred to Committee
23) C-52 – An Act to amend the Criminal Code (sentencing for fraud) Read 2nd time; referred to Committee
24) C-53 – An Act to amend the Corrections and Conditional Release Act (accelerated parole review) and to make consequential amendments to other Acts 1st reading
25) C-54 – An Act to amend the Criminal Code and to make consequential amendments to the National Defence Act 1st reading
26) C-55 – An Act to amend the Criminal Code 1st reading
27) C-57 – An Act to implement the Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Agreement on the Environment between Canada and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Agreement on Labour Cooperation between Canada and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Debated at 2nd reading
28) C-58 – An Act respecting the mandatory reporting of Internet child pornography by persons who provide an Internet service Read 2nd time; referred to Committee
29) C-59 – An Act to amend the International Transfer of Offenders Act 1st reading
30) C-60 – An Act to implement the Framework Agreement on Integrated Cross-Border Maritime Law Enforcement Operations between the Government of Canada and the Government of the United States of America 1st reading
31) C-61 – An Act to provide for the resumption and continuation of railway operations 1st reading
32) C-63 – An Act to amend the First Nations Commercial and Industrial Development Act and another Act in consequence thereof 1st reading


Dear Leader to shut down democracy – again!

I’m not too surprised to see that the Harperites are once again thumbing their noses at the democratic process!

What gall! What an affront to our system of government! And considering how much work is going to be wasted, what a waste of money!

The House of Commons and the Senate will come back in March, after the Vancouver Olympics, for a Speech from the Throne and a budget. The move will have the effect of stalling all bills currently in Parliament, including crime bills that the government had said were being delayed by the opposition.

Well, so much for the ReformCons using “soft on crime” ads against the Libs in the next election!

A post-Olympic return would also shut down government committees, which would stop MPs from pursuing the Afghan detainee controversy until Parliament returned.

… which, of course, is the REAL reason behind this.

I am almost physically SICK to my stomach over this! How can anyone, ANYONE consider voting for these dictators????

Stevo, during his visit with his mentor, Kim Jong Il


Only in Canada! And hooray for that!

Gawd – I LOVE this crazy country so freakin’ MUCH sometimes!

Nowhere else in the world would the announcement of the members of a national sports team garner so much rapt attention. Say what you want about the dissection and analyses of the choices for the World Cup teams (you know, the tournament that Canada almost never makes it to…) but Canada’s national obsession can go toe-to-toe with any other nation – bar none!

Yes, today at noon is the announcement of the members of the Men’s Hockey Team that will take to the ice in a few short weeks and try to recapture the gold medal in the one sport where we – Canada – see sour supremacy as our birthright!

It will be euphoria for those whose names are called and crushing disappointment for those left off a team that will have the rare opportunity to battle for gold in its home country.

No country cares more about hockey than Canada, or has the sheer number of world-class players to choose from. Star players will be left out. Debates will rage over who should or shouldn’t have been picked.

As Martin Brodeur recently put it: ”It is the ultimate for hockey.”

Steve Yzerman – a legend in his own right – and his team have agonised over the decision for months. There are really only a couple of sure things: Sid the Kid will be on the list as will Martin Brodeur. As for the rest, who knows? Though I think all three goalkeepers are pretty much no-brainers.

Yzerman will have to balance skill with toughness and offense with defense…. all the while ensuring that he has the right mix of players to have a good chemistry on the bench.

For what it’s worth – here is my prediction.

Rick Nash
Sidney Crosby
Jarome Iginla
Dany Heatley
Joe Thornton
Patrick Marleau
Vincent Lecavalier
Mike Fisher
Ryan Getzlaf
Ryan Smyth
Mike Richards
Shane Doan

Chris Pronger
Scott Niedermeyer
Shea Weber
Mike Green
Drew Doughty
Duncan Keith
Jay Bouwmeester

Martin Brodeur
Marc-Andre Fleury
Roberto Luongo


The upcoming year on the Hill…

A cold winter’s day here in the nation’s capital sees many hunkered down in their houses with the furnace cranked and an extra blanket or two. Not so for me as I’m writing this on my way to work on the 7 am-ish 148. Not many of us on the bus this morning. No big surprise there. But I’m going to take the opportunity to get some concentration-intensive work done. This time of the year is relatively disturbance-free and one can accomplish much.

But on the way, I’m starting to think about what I will be relfecting on this time next year with regard to the Fools on the Hill… hmmm…

  1. Harper will once again prorogue Parliament. This is getting to be old hat for the ol’ robotman and this seems to be as good a time as any… what with torture stuff still percolating and the endless risks of the Minions (MPs) speaking what they are thinking.
  2. Spring comes. The threat of H1N1 ends. The economy is picking up steam. The Leafs are on the way to the playoffs… what a great time for an election! Stevo introduces legislation that would make the wearing of red ties punishable under the Criminal Code.  He also expropriates all of the country’s main hockey arenas to be used as regional “War Rooms” in the upcoming election. He likes the photo op potentials. All of the Opposition Parties vote against the Bill and a vote is called for May 16.
  3. May 16. The ReformCons are re-elected. Again with a minority. None of the party’s popular vote changes by more than 0.7% compared to the last election.
  4. The knives come out and are pointed at Stevo.
  5. By mid-July, Stevo is out and little-known backbencher Candice Hoeppner. Being best known as the MP who introduced the Private Member’s Bill to cancel the Long-gun Registry, she decides to further capitalize on this fame by introducing another gun-related Bill – a Criminal Code Amendment making it an offensive to NOT carry a gun on one’s person at all times.
  6. Every urban area in Canada – including Calgary and Edmonton – threatens to secede.
  7. The Government is once again defeated in the House on a Grit-introduced Confidence Motion… making PM Hoeppner’s reign the shortest in Canada’s history!
  8. An election is called for December 29th.

So, this time next year, I predict that I will riding to work that day, and preparing to cast my second federal ballot of 2010. And thinking of moving to a place with a more stable democracy. Like Italy, for example.

Happy New Year everyone!


If you believed in Santa…

My letter would be:

Dear Santa:

I have been a very good boy this year. At least I think so. Therefore I do hope that you can fulfill at least one of these wishes. It’s OK if you can’t come through on everything – you’re a busy guy and I get that. But please do what you can.

PS – it wasn’t my idea to blow up those bullfrogs when I was 9. It was my little brother’s doing!

My List

  1. Peace everywhere. Yeah, a long shot but I’m putting it up front just in case.
  2. Health and happiness for all of my family and friends.
  3. A federal government that isn’t run by a egotistic, cynical, out of touch, robotic dictator. Again – another long shot.
  4. To be able to see a smile on my kids’ faces each and every day. Even the teenager’s.
  5. A Stanley Cup for the Leafs.. yeah, yeah…
  6. A Champion’s league title, FA Cup title and Premiership crown for the Gunners.
  7. A return to respectability for the Jays.
  8. A new Mayor for Ottawa.
  9. No more bus strikes.
  10. Did I mention the IPhone?

If you DID believe in Santa right now –  as an adult. And you sent a letter to addressed as follows:

Santa Claus

North Pole


What would be tops on your list?


Ontario pitches in for Ottawa LRT

Six hundred million smackeroos is what the McGuinty government in Queen’s Park is pledging toward phase one of Bytown’s transit re-do. Good on them!

Um, but wait – let’s see… municipal elections are in 2010… hmmm…

What are the chances of the federal contribution being scuttled if a new non-Harper/Baird/Poilievre-friendly Mayor is elected???

Which is what most of us are hoping for.


I won’t see LRT in Bytown until after I retire in 2022…


This just in! Canada wins award!

As a result of it’s government’s complete lack of global responsibility and environmental negligence, my country has been awarded the Colossal Fossil on the last day of the COP 15!

Woo-hoo! We’re Number 1!

“Thank you to the Alberta Tar Sands and the Alberta Government for this dishonour. As well, I’d like to thank the National Post, The Fraser Institute and the National Taxpayer’s Federation for helping to bring this about. But of course, my most sincere and deepest thanks go to Prime Minister Harper whose lack of leadership and vision on this file have led to the greatest international vilification that this country has ever known!

COPENHAGEN — Canada was handed a “Colossal Fossil” award in Copenhagen on Friday, a scornful accolade meant to shame countries that a coalition of environmental groups believes are stalling on greenhouse gas emissions reductions and climate adaptation financing packages.

Canada has already won a number of Fossil of the Day awards, but Friday’s award made it the fossil leader for the entire Copenhagen climate change conference.

“This is the third year in a row that Canada has won,” said Victoria activist Maia Green, the co-ordinator of the Canadian Youth Delegation to Copenhagen. “They’ve been blocking progress, and been very obstructionist.”

The awards are judged by a coalition climate change organizations under the banner of Climate Action Network International, which counts a significant number of Canadian environmental organizations as members.

Canada has been targeted for what the group characterizes as weak emission-reduction targets, a 20 per cent reduction from 2006 levels by 2020. The group says leaked cabinet documents suggest the government is contemplating a cap-and-trade plan that would set special rules for certain industrial sectors, such as the oilsands. Canada has also not offered any concrete numbers when it comes to adaptation financing for poor countries in the short or long term “beyond vague platitudes,” said a released from the climate group.

As Alberta Environment Minister Rob Renner prepared to leave Copenhagen on Friday, he didn’t make much of the title, saying the Canadian government has set realistic climate change timelines and objectives.

“It’s pretty predictable,” Renner said of Canada being named the Colossal Fossil.

O Canada!



Goodbye to a real classy guy – and one that is not-so-much-a-classy-guy

Bye Doc. we’ll miss ya!

Hope you get the ring that you deserve – my new fave NL team is Philly!


Bye Orel. Glad to see the last of you!

Hope you enter your next life as a female baby in a fundamentalist Islamic family in Afghanistan who gets pregnant at 14 years of age.

Or a gnat on a rat.

OK – the latter would be cooler.


I am more than a little ashamed to be a Canuck…

While the rest of the planet is pleading countries like Canada to take a stand on GHG emissions, the Harperites are settling into their environmentally Neanderthal form.

Since I am somewhat lacking on the creative front at the present time, I quote a commenter on the site. What this dude is saying pretty much sums up how I and many Canadians, feel at the moment. Where is the paper bag?

For the first time in my life, I am embarrassed to be Canadian. I am embarrassed by my government and their flat-earth politics that cater to the oil industry.

And not just in terms of their backwardness regarding the pollution of our air and water. I am embarrassed at their policy of squandering our valuable oil reserves.

Other countries retain the ability to ensure that their reserves are extracted in a responsible manner that benefits the current and future citizens of their country. Our industry lapdogs sell it off to the highest investing foreign investor to extract as quickly as they wish. The foreign company gets the profits, we get one, maybe two, generations of wages.

I am embarrassed of what this country is becoming as our apathy permits the conservative lapdogs to sell out our reputation and non-renewable riches.

I tell my kids we live in the greatest country on earth. But, even at 7 years old, my son is already starting to question the flat-earth attitude. I guess the next thing to tell him is that, sometimes, the selfish greed of a few that don’t give a damn about future generations can rule the day.

Yeah. And how long can we put up with this?

I know Iggy et al haven’t been exactly inspiring, but can’t someone, ANYONE step up to the plate?