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November 26th, 2009:

Beijing at night

Taken a short walk from the Jianguo Hotel in Beijing.


Random thoughts – Trashy in China, Part 4

This was the first day of meetings and presentations … yeah, the reason I’m here… so no reports on exotic sites… that will have to wait till after the Saturday trip to the Great Wall. Our Chinese hosts have also set up a tour for Monday afternoon and a banquet for Tuesday night. I’ve heard about these banquets. Don’t expect a new post on Wed. morning.

But I do want to note a number of observations that I have made this day.

  • Despite the fact that energy is very inexpensive in China, compact fluorescent light bulbs are used everywhere.
  • Streets and sidewalks are damned clean. And the technology used to keep them clean – a crude broom – makes it even more remarkable that they are so damned clean.
  • As a pedestrian, Montreal drivers used to scare me. But not any more.
  • Peking duck. The real thing. Can’t begin to describe it. And in a place in a back alley the like of which I wouldn’t set foot in parts of Ottawa.
  • Sharing a subway car with 300 of your closest strangers. Can’t begin to describe it.
  • I love noodles.
  • How do the Chinese stay so slender when all they eat is this delicious cuisine?
  • People spit. Everywhere.
  • Bamboo grows in Beijing.
  • There is a much bigger span between the upper crust and the lower in some countries than others.
  • It only costs 40 Yuan to rent a bike for a day in Beijing… about $6.50.
  • The cost passed on to the relatives of the deceased foreigner cyclist – much more than 6 and a half bucks.
  • Western holiday traditions? Hee-hee. figger this one out:
  • A brunette snow white with reindeer?

    A brunette Snow White - with reindeer?