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Lotsa walking – Trashy in China, Part 3

You want smog? You can’t handle the smog!

Walked at least 10 klicks this morning in a fog /smog enshrouded city. A cold breeze combined with the sulphurous air combined to make Trashy a bit wheezy – but it was worth it.

In spite of the conditions, I and my travelling companions trekked to Tienanmen Square and the Forbidden City… stopping along the way at a number of stores (souvenir expedition on Sunday) and an Audi dealership.

Quite a sight, that Square. A mass of humanity, assorted sights and sounds and so foreign to my Western senses. After a wander through some side streets (Dirt Markets, they’re called, because most of the vendors and wares are from the rural areas).

016After dealing with the complete culture shock that ensured thereafter, we arrived at a nice little park complete with willows and bamboo trees. Not a panda in sight though!

026Then it was on to the Forbidden City.

Quite an architectural, cultural and historical marvel! It is bloody HUGE! If you ever do go there, give yourself lots of time. There is so much to see and absorb.

Everything was so old. So ornate. And so very imposing. If there is one thing I have learned in my very short time here is that the Chinese are somewhat like the Texans in one respect: they like grandiosity!

019And ya just have to love some of the translations!

035Tomorrow, the biz part of the journey begins.


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