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Job creation and canine anti-depressants

Now HERE’s some innovative self employment.

Buddy thinks: “Hey, I’m a mechanic. I’m outta a job.  I need to create a market for my skills.”

“So hey, I’ll pull off a wire here, disconnect a valve there and voilà! Instant work!”

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. — Tennessee police said a mechanic was drumming up business by tampering with parked cars, then charging to help start them. Police arrested 41-year-old Christopher Walls of Johnson City on Thursday night.

Investigators said Walls disabled cars parked at restaurants, waited for the owners to try to start them and then offered his services as a mechanic. Police said Walls charged between $40 and $200 to get the vehicles running again.

In other news – another bailout?? is quoting a Washington Post article that claims $45 billion is spent by Americans this year on canine anti-depressants, hip replacements, and fancy doggie spas. But with the downturn and all, pet owners will be hard pressed to keep up the payments on Poofy’s gym membership.

Hmmm…. sounds like these folks could use a good ol’ American bailout!

You’ll know this is coming if we start seeing sob stories on Oprah and the lefty networks about families forced to cancel Fido’s charm school or deprive Spot of his gourmet din-din.

Then someone from ABC will ask White House Press Secretary Gibbs about the rumors of help for strapped pet owners. There will be Poodle Parades in San Francisco. The big doggie drug and food companies will sic their lobbyists on Congress, begging for some stimulus treats.

The NAPO (National Association of Pet Owners) will blast the nay sayers in Congress as mean and heartless right-wing fanatics.


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  1. XUP says:

    Just as innovative on the self-employment front is the people who line up every day for the H1N1 vaccine and then sell their spot in line to desperate, panicky people. Good to know the spirit of entrepreneurship is still going strong

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