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What would really, really scare me at Hallowe’en?




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  1. trashee says:

    I can’t remember either… but yeah, there was something…
    Good piece in the G&M about how Iggy has repeated the mistakes that Harper made in 2005…

  2. Ken says:

    Sure. You and I agreed on something a while back, though for the life of me I can’t remember what 😉

    To be honest, I was hoping that Ignatieff would have turned into something more. I didn’t think he had a shot at becoming PM, but he would have given the other parties a run for their money.

    Too bad my expectations were too high…

  3. trashee says:

    Gee Ken, can you and I ever agree on anything????

  4. trashee says:

    Gee Ken, can you and ever agree on anything????

  5. Ken says:

    It’s pretty clear, given recent polls, that this could happen. While you may find it scary, many Canadians obviously don’t.

    Ignatieff has turned into a lame duck and has done nothing to improve the Liberal’s future.

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