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Canadians to royal family: “meh”

It seems as though we Canucks are becoming indifferent towards our favorite foreign royal family.

While about 80 per cent of respondents agreed that the monarchy had an important place in Canada’s history, a majority also felt it was out of step with the times. More than 60 per cent felt that a constitutional monarchy was outdated.

Uh, yeah, our system is way outdated and due for a change.

And will this happen in my lifetime?

Doubt it.

All of the provinces would have to agree to a Constitutional Amendment that would effectively make Canada a Republic.

The provinces cannot even agree on time zone standards, so how can they be expected to see eye to eye on something like that! As long as federal government after federal government continues to decentralize the nation’s power away from the centre and toward the regions, little progress is likely to be made on major structural changes in our political system.

Like ’em or not, we’re likely stuck with these inbred nincompoops for a long time to come.


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  1. “Like ’em or not, we’re likely stuck with these inbred nincompoops for a long time to come.”

    Is the Royal Family any more inbred than the average Canadian? Looking at the Queen’s ancestry reveals family links to places as far afield as Spain, Sweden, Germany, Hungary, and perhaps further distant. But I’m sure the ‘inbred’ slur will remain even as royals and nobility increasingly marry outside their circles. After all, good slurs are hard to come by.

    As for the ‘nincompoop’; I find it funny progressives attack him when he has consistently advocated for a number of progressive causes (his advocacy for environmental protection being part of the reason he is considered a nincompoop in the first place). His opinions on religious tolerance and acceptance, youth entrepreneurship and veteran rehabilitation, wildlife protection and anti-poaching puts him in the position of being more progressive than the governments we freely elect.

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