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October 14th, 2009:

My Canada does NOT equal the CPC, Mr. Harper!

Again, who is really surprised to see that the Harperites are trying to brand “stimulus” funding as a CPC initiative by emblazoning that ugly “C” on some of those big novelty cheques when making new pork-barrel announcements.

Clearly against ethics legislation, the ReformCons are once again doing exactly what they vowed not to do in the last campaign. The PMO quickly said that the MP in question, Gerald Keddy, was out of line in photoshopping out the Canada logo and replacing it with the CPC brand.

David Johnson, a professor of political science at Cape Breton University, said no one disputes that government politicians can gain visibility by distributing funding in their ridings. But he believes Mr. Keddy crossed a major line.

“It is a crass and manipulative use of public money for partisan advantage,” he said.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know the Libs have done similar things in the past, but at least THEY didn’t make the elimination of these manipulations a part of their election platform and THEN cynically turn around and do exactly what they campaigned against!

To paraphrase an insightful comment on the site:

Rebranding Canada and the Canadian Government as the Reformed Conservative government of Harper is not OK. Canada does not equal Stevo’s ReformCons… and it never will (except for the rednecks out west).

Constant campaigning via unethical behavior and partisan tricks is the best the Harper party have to offer Canada. And the polls are showing it. No growth despite an ill-defined opposition. This as good as it gets for the Harperites.

They are so arrogant they don’t even think of being subtle. Of course, that has never been Harper’s way, has it?

The Harper government thinks Canadians are so stupid we won’t see through them. But they are so transparent with their lies and tricks we can’t help but do just that.

I have more or less given up on Alberta and Saskatchewan, but for the rest of you – wake up!