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Who the hell is Larry Miller and why is he sending me junkmail?

So I’m getting these damn leaflets in the mail. The text attacks Iggy as being pro-raise-taxes and extols the virtues of the ReformCons as being the economic saviours of Canadian families everything.

Do I really want this crap to be funded out of the pockets of those same families? Doesn’t Harper (and ol’ Larry Miller) realize that we have been down this road before and that the Cons have angrily and self-righteously launched into vitriolic attacks against the Grits for engaging in the same type of political game-playing?

And why am I getting this leaflet from the M.P. for Bruce/Grey/Owen Sound? I cannot help but think that the ReformCons are once again exploiting holes in the Elections Act.

Here are copies of the leaflet that I received.

miscellnewcam 018

miscellnewcam 019

I am, apparently, not the only one who is questioning the use of these obviously partisan leaflets and the public purse being unzipped to finance them.

Bill Tieleman, a B.C. political commentator, says:

Perhaps the federal Liberals will send me a similar letter soon with these and other quotes about Stephen Harper – and I supply them to Iggy here for free.
But I’d rather that all parties talk a lot more about their policies and a lot less about their opponents’ many and obvious failings.

And most of all – stop wasting my damn tax dollars mailing me junk I didn’t ask for!!

But I’m a little worried. This Larry Miller guy is a bit freaky lookin’… and he gets things “done”…  I may wanna check over my shoulder a bit more often.



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  1. XUP says:

    I think I saw Larry Miller sitting in a black sedan outside your house several times on the weekend.

  2. AnnieS says:

    I have received about 12 from conservative candidates from as far away as 5000 miles and one from the NDP – my own MP in parliament. Lets not listen to those crooked folks who are electioneering at public expense. They have left no stone unturned in this regard. Complain loud and long everywhere you can.

  3. Ken says:

    Yeah, unfortunately politicians of all stripes seem to be doing this these days. The Liberals had their little controversy a short while back when a BC Liberal “sent” these flyers to a riding out East. Poilievre sends them to me all the time – I throw them out.

    I don’t like them either, and though it’s a waste of taxpayer dollars (I sincerely hope they’re not and they’re being paid from the parties’ fund-raising), I’m hoping they’ll finally realize no one’s reading them and instead disposing of them, and they’ll stop sending them.

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