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As if seeing Harper’s numbers go up in the polls weren’t enough…

and watching Iggy quickly turn himself into a non-issue, THIS is what I saw as next week’s weather forecast for Ottawa:
Chance of flurries or rain showers

  • 8°C High
  • -1°C Low
Yeah, those are snowflakes.
Time to accelerate the search for sun and sand. And maybe going somewhere over festivus ain’t just a bad idea after all.
And while the Grits have allowed the ReformCons to dictate the agenda, I’m ever hopeful that the old saying “give ’em enough rope and they’ll hang themselves eventually” proves true… it’s just a matter of time.


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  1. Although lately it’s been more like “give them enough rope and they’ll use it to hang you”. I’ve been impressed with the Tory PR, although I’m still unimpressed with some of the legislation they’ve brought to the table.

    The Liberals should be courting Ed Broadbent… they need someone with personality. Traditionally, that’s how the Liberals have won elections – not on their record (which is as bad or worse than anyone else’s… let’s face the facts here, graft and cronyism is the hallmark of Canadian government) but because they’ve had leaders with charisma: Trudeau, Chretien, Martin.

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