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God damn it all! It’s National Blasphemy Day

Thanks to the Squid-dude for making me aware of this!

Feel free to celebrate on this day the right to demean whatever fantasy creature you see fit!

Blasphemy Day International is an international campaign seeking to establish September 30th as a national day to promote free speech and stand up in a show of solidarity for the freedom to mock and insult religion without fear of murder, violence, and reprisal. It is the obligation of the world’s nations to safeguard dissent and the dissenters, not to side with the brutal interests of thugs who demand “respect” for their beliefs (i.e., immunity to being criticized or mocked or they threaten violence).

So if you support free speech, and the rights of those who disagree with religious views to voice their opinions peacefully, support our group and join the cause!

Hmmmm… betcha  stuff like this sends the christian right into conniption fits!

There is even a Facebook group!


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  1. Bandobras says:

    I can never understand why more people don’t realize that christians are actually worshiping a zombie.

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