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Those wacky gun nuts are at it again!

Just when I think that I have seen the most ridiculous thing ever to come from our neighbours to the south, along comes a new doosy-winner.

According to Metro, a candidate for South Carolina’s adjutant general – the dude in charge of the state’s national guard corps (whatever that is) – invited the public to join him for a round of shootin’… and a chance to win a brand new AK-47!!!  Yup, $25 gets ya  a BBQ, a clip of bullets for target practice and a chance to win the gun!

And 500 folks came out to join him!

I wonder if our politicos are paying any attention to this. But being that big guns that can literally cut a moose into two are frowned upon north of the 49th, they’d have to think of another grand prize…

  • Like a free ticket to one of Stevo’s anger management classes. Valid only for those 18+ or 12+ if from Alberta.

Grrr... I'm angry... grrrrrrrrrr....

  • A lecture by Minister James Moore on why the Calgary Stampede is more culturally enriching than the now buried National Portrait Gallery. Anyone named Paul Dewar will be stopped at the door.
  • An inside look at the speech therapy classes being attended by Pierre Polievre… he’s been struggling to say anything not scripted by the PMO since ‘05.
  • A free workshop hosted by Tony Clement on “Using the “wet-look” to your advantage”. Cost of Bryl-cream not included.

Pretty damn tempting. Might even buy a ticket to one of these for the fun factor!


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  1. trashee says:

    An old friend once ran a tour biz to northern Quebec where he would take Americans hunting for caribou. Somehow, one of the “sportsmen” snuck an Uzi across the border on his private plane. Unbeknownst to my buddy, he packed it along on an expedition across the tundra. The part split up into groups and not long after a “rat-ta-ta-ta-tat” sound was heard. The American had succeeded in cutting the head clean off a male caribou.
    Subsequently, the RCMP got involved and the guy was sent packing.
    What fun!

  2. XUP says:

    I can’t for the life of me imagine what anyone would do with an AK-47. You can’t use it for hunting. I don’t think there’s a target range you can practice on for sport is there? What else do people do with guns like this that doesn’t involve slaughtering small countries?

  3. trashee says:

    Yes Bandobras – you are absolutely correct! I have no idea why I did not realise this. I blame my poor research skills.

  4. Bandobras says:

    This smacks of typical hippy dippy, left wing, pinko thinking.
    You decry the awarding of an AK 47, never stopping to think that they are one of the safest things out there.
    Go ahead and check and you’ll see they have virtually never been involved in any violence or death here in Canada.
    Therefore it seems clear that we should encourage their importation and sale here.

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