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Those wacky christians are at it again!

Good post by Ken over at My Corner of the Universe.

Yes, Christians need to chill. They are in a bit of a siege mentality lately as they are railing against windmills coming at them from all directions.

A Christian group is calling for the removal of an elephant statue, modeled after a Hindu god, from the Calgary Zoo calling it “selective religious partiality.”

“The zoo is not a place of religious indoctrination, it is supposed to be a safe family environment free of religious icons and selective religious partiality,” Blake wrote


Jim Blake, national chairman of Concerned Christians Canada, sent a letter to the zoo on Thursday, calling for the sculpture to be removed.

Reminds me of The Simpsons episode:

In the episode “Homer the Heretic,” Springfield’s multifaith volunteer fire department mobilizes to save the Simpsons’ home–and Homer’s life. Reverend Lovejoy explains to Homer that God was working through his friends and neighbors, including a Christian like Ned Flanders and a Jew like Krusty.

But the minister comes up short when he points toward the other firefighter, Apu Nahaasapeemapetilon. After a nonplussed pause, the minister characterizes the convenience store operator’s religion as “miscellaneous.” This level of ignorance is too much for the normally mild-mannered Asian immigrant. Apu explodes: “Hindu! There are 700 million of us!” Corrected, Lovejoy replies with condescension, “Aw, that’s super.”



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  1. trashee says:

    It’s not insensitive. It’s reality. But don’t try to understand christians. Like any cult, they thrive on the whole mystery of it all.

  2. Bandobras says:

    Of course I don’t want to be insensitive but what can you expect from a bunch of zombie worshipers.
    Jesus rose from the dead and now lives forever?
    I suspect from the rantings of many of the edge in christianity that he also eats brains.

  3. It’s funny because so many Christians would like to see all traces of other religions removed, but when the same sort of rule is applied to their own dead-guy-on-a-stick icons, then it’s all discrimination and human rights and unfair… the Christian burden.

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