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Stephen Harper is a wo-bot

An old friend recently came calling on the occasion of his son’s arrival at Carleton U. He – let’s call him “Wags” – always was a bit a right-wing nutbar so he was aghast when I asked my 2 year old:

“Who is Stephen Harper?”

And the little ‘un says:

“A wo-bot…”

Having known me for so long, Wags was not too surprised.

Of course Steve’s robotic tendencies have not been lost on those of us who have followed the “shake my kids’ hands cuz they’ll grow up faster” animatron over the years.

160_harper_ben_060125And no, of COURSE I haven’t coached my boy to say that! No way!

Other things.

My middle spawn was in one of her bipolar moods today… alternating between “I’m gonna fight you, Mom, little bro’, and anyone else in my way – suckahs!” and “I love you so much Daddy! You’re the best Daddy in the Universe. I hope you don’t die!”

OK – the last part was a little creepy…. but the really self-satifying part of the day was when we bought a new kitchen garbage can at RONA this afternoon. A nice black and shiny model that the little one promptly named – Trashy!


She sat with Trashy in the van, carried it in and even talked to it as Trashy was evidently a bit shy to head to her new home under the sink….

Awwwww….. a chip of the ol’ block, she is!

The eldest DNA recipient didn’t make an appearance today. She too is being a bit bipolar cuz she is (again) grounded.

Though I have to admit that she is moving, however incrementally, a bit closer to adulthood and she seems to realise it.

Saturday nights – a time to socialise for some and a time to reflect on one’s kids for others… and marvel at their inate political acumen to boot!


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