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I hope you know what you’re doing Mr. Burke

My blue and white blood desperately wants this to work out. Phil Kessel is a class act. Talented. Young. Tough. Potential to lead us to the Promised Land… fer sur.


But something about giving up 2 first rounders and a second just does not sit right. Based on history, Kessel may be soft, end up on the sidelines for an extended period and all that has been given up will never be regained.

I hope I am being really paranoid.

On the up side, they kept Kaberle. All along I have been saying why give up a puck-moving d-man for picks, spare parts and potentials… Tomas is the real deal and would be a first liner and PP guy on ANY team… and I like his style… hope he is around for a long time to come.

The TMLHC – Canada’s team

I need a Cup.


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