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September 17th, 2009:

I really like the collection of blogs on the Blogging Canadians site, but

man, are these guys for real?

I mean, seriously?

And they have enough synapses to walk and breathe simultaneously?


Seal tragedy on DC street – 3 dead – PETA responsible

According to the latest news out of D.C., PETA supporters brought three helpless baby seals to the Canadian embassy yesterday.  PETA – the loony-tunes element of the animal rights movement – wanted to protest the Canadian east coast seal hunt on the occasion of Stevo Harper’s most excellent Obama vacation.

But, upon being distracted by a billboard advertising Paul McCartney’s latest CD, PETA staff left the poor creatures to die on the hot, hard and unforgiving streets around Capitol Hill. The smell of rotting seal carcasses was noticed by bystanders for miles around.

The PETA personnel responsible for this travesty were tracked down soon after and arrested outside Washington’s Playboy mansion where they mistakenly believed the bunnies inside were of the long-eared variety.

DAMN YOU heartless PETA morons! Damn you to hell!