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Dippers, ReformCons & olive tree

Well, if the ReformCons aren’t interested in working with the NDP to keep the current session of Parliament afloat, they sure aren’t showing it!

The Globe is reporting that the CPC is offering an olive branch to the Dippers in the form of EI reforms in an effort to keep the minority government from being defeated. Olive branch? That is a freaking tree!

Yesterday, I posted a piece about the Dippers’ change of heart. Now, it’s the Harperites turn to turn the canoe around and paddle upstream. Just a while ago, Harper said that the EI system was just fine, thank-you.

In early May, Stevo said:

…the recent federal budget made improvements to the system, including an extra five weeks of benefits for recipients.

“Canada has a very generous system of employment insurance that was, in fact, enhanced in the most recent economic action plan of this government,” he said.

and now, in September:

In a bid to stave off defeat, or at least shame the parties that force it, Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s embattled minority government announced plans to table legislation that would expand employment insurance for long-tenured workers who lose their job.

And as far as the NDP are concerned, it might just do the trick.

“This proposition is a very serious proposition,” NDP finance critic Paul Dewar told reporters, just minutes after Human Resources Minister Diane Finley and Revenue Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn announced the expanded benefits. If the legislation truly does assist the unemployed, he said, “we would be irresponsible not to seriously consider and support that.”

I’m not necessarily against staving off an election since from my anti-Harper perspective, the chances of bringing down his government later are greater than they are now, IMHO.

And I, apparently unlike the majority of my countrymen and women, absolutely LIVE FOR elections.  But I want the next one to turn out more to my liking. So if the Dippers and the ReformCons want to play footsie, then go for it!

"OH NO! He's gonna throw up and I have to pretend I don't care!"

"OH NO! He's gonna throw up and I have to pretend I don't care!"


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  1. trashee says:

    Just call me the idealistic Minister of Silliness.

  2. Bandobras says:

    You have to get used to the new digital age. Years ago you could expect someone to say the same thing for a long long time. Now with the speed up of everything, changes have to be expected more quickly.
    Like The cons telling us about this time last year there would be no recession and there was no need for a deficit.
    To expect our politicians to stand by what they said in the distant past is really silly.
    Actually to expect them to stand by anything except their own re-election s really really silly.

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