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WHY can the FLQ have airtime and their victims cannot?

But NOBODY will have the guts to say so.

The terrorist organization called the FLQ was responsible for death and violent civil unrest in the province of Quebec.

They were an illegal organization that P.E. Trudeau was correct to confront with the Canadian armed forces.


The wailing in la belle province about a simple re-enactment of a battle long, long past (250 years- to be exact) on the Plains of Abraham was loud – and federalists caved big time for fear that the poor Quebec nationalists would be offended.

NOW the separatists have the gall to read a terrorist manifesto at a celebration of the same occasion????


Man, if this is isn’t a disgusting example of hypocrisy on the part of les Bloquistes, Pequistes, and all of their ilk, then I cannot for the life of me think of something more pungent.

R.I.P. Pierre LaPorte


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  1. Ken says:

    Of course they have the gall. They’re the poor, downtrodden people of this country – didn’t you know that? Everyone else is out to get them. History & facts shouldn’t matter…

  2. trashee says:

    I thought we might.
    Hey – you and Ken are guys that sit a little to the right and I’m a little to the left. But what we all have in common is our love for our country and our utter disdain of those who seek its destruction.

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