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Grits and ReformCons – no statistical difference between the two

The latest Harris-Decima poll conducted for The Canadian Press shows that neither party is within reach of a majority and both would be risking a defeat at the polls if one of them forces an election this fall.

Thirty-two per cent support for the Liberals and 31 per cent for the Harperites ain’t gonna buy you a whole lot of love at the ballot box..

This is in stark contrast to a we threw darts a the dartboard Ipsos-Reid poll that indicated – contrary to any other poll done over the summer – that the Harperites had built up a huge lead.

Predictably, the Cons are are jumping up and down like a nudist standing on an ant hill about how a forced vote would create political instability, cause dogs and cats to mate and bring about a plague of locusts. This is all in response to Iggy suggesting having a fall election wouldn’t be harmful at all to the economy. I can understand his position because those ReformCons are damned tough to work with and he is not sure how much longer he can hold his nose.

“There’s not one single person in the world who’d agree with him on that. You can’t just say things that are so outrageously false,” Transport Minister John “So what if my face looks like a pitbull” Baird said.

Mr. Baird said an election would mean government would “grind to a halt,” and all those really important decisions (like what colour jumpsuit to wear on a helicopter) just wouldn’t get made.

Hmmmm… the Harperites weren’t too concerned about shutting down the House last Fall  in order to avoid a non-confidence vote… just as the economic shitstorm was picking up steam… funny, that.


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  1. >>but rather a chance to welcome new and positive POSSIBILITIES

    As long as you’re willing to pay for those possiblities out of YOUR pocket, and not mine, I’m cool with that.

    Unfortunately, the Lib-Comms typically want to tax the bejeezus out of people to pay for ill-thought-out social programs at the expense of proper national defence, good infrastructure, and a solid view to the future. Not that social programs are bad – they aren’t, when they’re well thought out and properly implemented… a methodology that seems to elude all parties in this country.

    >>What he and the rest of his dogmatic ilk fail to realize is that for many of us it portends not instability;

    To believe that they’re ruling based on some kind of dogma is a position that is, in itself, dogmatic (and therefore hypocritical). Not wanting to take all the money from everyone who earns it and give it to the people who don’t isn’t dogmatic.

    You can whinge about moral bankruptcy all you like, but it is the Liberals who brought us the sponsorship scandal, lied about repealing the GST, manhandled a protester, and provincially, lied about raising taxes for health care… that list is at least as long and distinguished as any similar list you can put together for the Conservatives. I’ve seen no more accurate moral compass in any of the federal parties than the Conservatives seem to exhibit (which may well be damnation by faint praise).

    At least with the Cons, you get good, open dishonesty, unlike the Liberals who always try to hide it.

  2. XUP says:

    Minority governments are the cat’s ass – it means we get nice balanced input on everything and nobody gets to do anything too insane. An election might be good for the economy or it might not be, but I don’t think any of us voters particularly want one, especially since it will just result in another minority government. One or the other side winning by a point or two isn’t going to make much difference.

  3. Fat Arse says:

    So in let’s get this straight, among those who buy into Harpo’s group-think cult the portent of a coming election can only equal one thing: “Instability”? Mentally emaciated and morally bankrupt what else are to expect from fools like Baird.

    What he and the rest of his dogmatic ilk fail to realize is that for many of us it portends not instability; but rather a chance to welcome new and positive POSSIBILITIES!

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