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“It’s not a political thing. It’s a complex mathematical formula.”

That’s what Harperite Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan said yesterday after touring the horrific path of destruction caused by the big storm that hit Vaughan Ontario last week.

Putting aside the laughable notion that the ReformCons could ever find the cranial capacity develop anything remotely complex, I do sincerely hope that he speaks the truth and that partisanship, for once, takes a recess.

However, as someone who deals with complex mathematical stuff on a daily basis, I humbly submit the following as the formula to which Mr. Van Loan refers.

TOTAL FUNDING = (pT/pA)*(x+a)^n=∑_(k=0)^n](n¦k) x^k a^(n-k)]*1000 {if∫R=CPC} or *0 {if ∫R≠CPC}
where pT=Total population
where pA= Total population affected
where (x+a)^n=∑_(k=0)^n](n¦k) x^k a^(n-k)] = factorial equation that most of you wouldn’t get
where {if∫R=CPC} = if riding held by CPC
where {if ∫R≠CPC} = if riding not held by CPC

Based on this formula, Central Nova will stand to reap in a big winfall once Mr. Bill has come and gone!


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