Nowhere else in the world would a new national sports team logo make front page news

I frickin’ love this country.

First, there is a national debate on whether Hockey Canada should have been allowed to use the crests that it has used for a number of years on the sweaters worn by the team at the next years Vancouver Olympics. The IOC said no, so a search for a new logo was launched.

Now, splashed across the front pages of several of the MSM outlets today is – in living colour – the new crest and sweater(1) as designed by a First Nations person in B.C.

I couldn’t find a downloadable pic of sufficient quality to see the details in the crest, but they are pretty danged impressive (check out today’s G&M).

Other countries give this much attention to elections, wars, the economy, scandals, etc. But I have to wonder if the front page of the L.A Times would herald the coming of a new symbol for the U.S. basketball team. Or the Daily Mail making a huge issue out of the new jerseys to be sported by athletes representing the three lions in the rowing competitions.

I don’t think so.

This is so like Canada.   The economy is in the crapper. Massive forest fires and drought in the West. H1N1 flu. And THIS the biggest story on the front pages and around the water coolers?


Go Canada go!

1. Note I say “sweater” and not “jersey”. “Jersey” is just not right in the context of hockey. Nor is the use of the term “locker room”. It’s a “dressing room”. Are we clear on this?


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  1. The Conservative Television Network (CTV) needs to promote its own Olympic programming. You’re watching info-mercial news.

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